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Top Psychic Predictions for 2024 🔮

Excited to get a preview of 2024?

So are we! So we’ve set out to find the top 8 psychic predictions for 2024. Who is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

#1 – Amanda Ellis

#2 – Psychic LJ

The always talented LJ with her lovely UK accennt stares deep her Crystal Ball and Tarot cards and comes up with some amazing – and logical – predictions

#3 – A Message from Jesus about Mass Awakening – by Cindy

#4 – Pam Gregory

Pam is a gifted astrologer and an intuitive. Pam published an excellent predictions/frequency for 2024, as well as a video on Solar Flares which ties in.

#5 – 9D Arcturian Council 2024 New Earth Predictions

Channeled by the all so gifted Daniel Scranton. The Arcturians are teachers, friends and gentle supporters.

#6 – Craig Hamilton Parker

Craig has an astonishing wide and high perspective. Craig is not afraid to admin to things even if those may not be in his persona; views, and that precisely what makes Craig such powerful and accurate seer.

#7 – Amanda Ellis

Amanda is a true Truther and lover of true Truth. Her messages are powerful and are around the true heart, what is not true and how to navigate these difficult times.

#8 – Elizabeth April

Elizabeth is a gifted channeler/remote viewer and she generally appeals to a younger audience.

#9 – Teal Swan

Teal is always on the money, though Teal can be very direct, but don’t take it’s personally, because after all, it’s Teal.

What will 2024 bring for you and the world? In this video, Teal Swan reveals the dominant theme, the biggest shadows, and the most important opportunities of the upcoming year. She also gives you practical tips on how to make the best decisions, how to avoid the traps of destruction and enduris, and how to highlight the best of human potential.

Whether you are feeling hopeful or hopeless about the future, this video will give you valuable insights and perspectives that will help you navigate the challenges and possibilities of 2024. Watch this video and get ready for a pivotal year that will shape your destiny and the destiny of humanity.

👉 Listen Out For:

  • The dominant theme of 2024 is destruction lust
  • The biggest shadow of 2024 is enduris
  • The most important skill of 2024 is decision making
  • The most urgent calling of 2024 is to focus on the oceans
  • The most powerful antidote of 2024 is to highlight the best of humanity and the world

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