The Black Sheep – Kenneth & Jozef

Kenneth Fuller and Jozef discuss what it’s like to be the black sheep in the family. It’s usually a rough – but perhaps necessary – start… and at some point comes greater understanding that makes it all worth while.

Key insights

🌟 Every experience, even if it seems mundane or annoying, is a tool that we develop for later and is what we need at that moment.
🎯 “You only learn from mistakes, you don’t learn from successes.” Learning from failures is essential for growth and development.
🌍 My world is malleable, like clay – with practice and understanding, you can shape and mold your reality into whatever you want it to be.
🌊 The story of the man on the roof teaches us to be open to unexpected solutions in tough situations.
🌀 The thing that had dropped off her desk and disappeared just showed up again six months later, right where she had been looking through a thousand times.
🔄 You’re constantly shifting between different realities, so the version of you and your past experiences are not necessarily constant.
🌀 Reality is determined by your frequency, and your consciousness is constantly shifting to a reality that matches your personal frequency.
🌍 “You’re as powerful as you need to be in order to create whatever you want in your life or have in your life without needing to hurt or harm someone else.”

Individuals have the power to shape their own reality through their consciousness and experiences, and it is important to prioritize personal growth, self-care, and taking responsibility for one’s own experiences in order to navigate through life’s challenges.

  • 🎤 Kenneth and Joseph discuss feeling like a black sheep, guided by inner wisdom, and the importance of life experiences for gaining necessary skills.
    • Kenneth and Joseph discuss how Kenneth always felt different as a child and had memories of things that didn’t make sense.
    • The speaker always felt different from others and had a unique perspective on the world.
    • Feeling like a black sheep, always guided by inner wisdom to go against the norm.
    • Life experiences, even the mundane and annoying ones, are necessary for gaining the skills needed to move forward.
  • 🎵 Reflecting on personal growth and relationships, including reconnecting with a father after 35 years, and the importance of mentors and learning from mistakes.
    • Realizing that someone you liked was not who you thought they were, and reflecting on personal growth and relationships, including reconnecting with a father after 35 years.
    • The speaker discusses the absence of a father figure and the need for mentors to guide and teach them.
    • The speaker discusses the importance of not always having a mentor and how it allowed them to go beyond what was thought possible.
    • Learn from mistakes, not successes, and practice things that seem hard until you can’t get them wrong.
  • 🎶 Practice basics, shape reality with instinctual understanding, desire for family, rejection of traditional norms, focus on being present in shifting realities.
    • Practice the basics and learn different tools to shape and mold your reality, using your instinctual understanding to explore interests and carry skills into other areas.
    • The speaker discusses his desire to have a family and how he believes it will happen when the time is right.
    • The speaker discusses the openness of different generations and the rejection of traditional norms in favor of alternative lifestyles and perspectives.
    • Life is shifting into higher frequencies and realities, and people should focus on being present and experiencing life rather than working their whole lives.
  • 🤔 Experiencing challenges can lead to growth, prioritize self-care and personal freedom, robots taking over jobs can lead to positive outcomes if individuals take responsibility for their experiences.
    • Experiencing challenging situations can serve you best, and if those experiences keep showing up in your life, they will continue to do so until you learn from them.
    • Always take care of yourself, be well-spoken, and prioritize covering your basic needs in life.
    • Do what is necessary to live and grow, prioritize personal freedom and abundance over working long hours for others.
    • The speaker discusses the potential impact of robots taking over lower level jobs and how it may free people from those roles in the future.
    • AI and robots are taking over entry level jobs, but this will ultimately lead to positive outcomes as long as individuals take responsibility for defining their experiences and putting in the work themselves.
  • 🌊 Man rejects rescue in flood, questions God; speaker emphasizes seizing physical world opportunities, balancing spiritual and physical needs for growth.
    • Man waits for God to save him from a flood, rejects two boats that come to rescue him, and then questions God in heaven why he wasn’t saved.
    • Despite facing tough situations and being told to go in a different direction, the speaker emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities in the physical world.
    • You have needs in the spiritual and physical world, and even though you may have a destiny or mission in life, you still have to pay bills and go through experiences to grow as a spirit.
  • 🎤 The speaker discussed a woman’s experience with finding a blue liquid in her house after a private session with Daryl Anka channeling Bashar, and explained that it was from another reality she had shifted away from.
    • The speaker attended a Bashar event and had a conversation with a woman who had a private session with Daryl Anka channeling Bashar, discussing her experiences with finding a blue liquid in her house.
    • Bashar didn’t need to answer the question, as the speaker was able to help the person move past and provide the needed information at the right time.
    • The blue liquid was from another reality that the speaker had shifted away from, and an object that had disappeared reappeared six months later in the same spot.
  • 🔮 Your personal reality and consensus reality coexist, constantly shifting based on your consciousness, with the Mandela effect suggesting people remember events differently due to shifting to different realities.
    • The speaker discusses the concept of reality and asserts that things in the spiritual realm are real and cannot be destroyed, while physical things can be destroyed and are not empirically true.
    • You are constantly shifting between different parallel realities, experiencing a new past and version of yourself, with things carrying over from other realities.
    • The Mandela effect is the idea that people remember events or details differently because they have shifted to a different reality.
    • The speaker discusses experiencing multiple shifts in reality, including changes in people’s names and memories.
    • The speaker discusses the different realities they come from, recounting a childhood experience with their cat and questioning the nature of reality and existence.
    • Your personal reality and consensus reality coexist, and your frequency determines which reality you experience, constantly shifting based on your consciousness.
  • 🌌 The universe is constantly shifting through different realities, Yeshua Jesus understood he was everything in existence, and focus on doing what you need to do to navigate through challenges and experiences.
    • The universe is constantly shifting through different realities at an incredibly fast pace, and the concept of the Prime Radiant suggests that everything we see is created by one particle moving at infinite speeds.
    • Yeshua Jesus understood that he was everything in existence and never saw himself as separate from anything else.
    • The burning bush in the Bible was actually a high frequency being that appeared bright to Moses because he was operating on a much higher frequency than people 200 years ago.
    • Focus on doing what you need to do, not just what you want to do, in order to navigate through challenges and experiences.
    • You are as powerful as you need to be to create what you want in life without hurting or harming others.

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