Jozef – Ask Me Anything!

$88.00 55 minutes

If you need someone to talk to and get real about things, come talk with me, Jozef.

Tell me what you’re dealing with and we’ll discuss options, ideas and advise for your particular situation. I’ve got crazy life experience, good education and real life experience working with people, corporations and governments and doing business for 18 years and running.

We can talk about:

  • How You Feel
  • Your Health & Mental Health
  • Your Diet & Exercise
  • Your Money and Business
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Goals and Dreams
  • Your ___

I will listen to you without judging and will give you my honest opinion and best advice.


Jozef - Ask me Anything!

What Can I Do For You?

I’m here to listen to you and give you insights on whatever is bothering you. The things that hold you down – relationships, love, health, wealth and spiritual. I am friendly and compassionate – although straightforward, and I will not judge you.


I’ve Not Had a Job in 21 Years

My last job was a consultant at a large international consulting firm. After 9/11, myself and most of the Toronto office were let go. Here I was flying to the West Coast every week, consulting for one of the world’s largest companies on future technologies, and the next moment, I was unemployed with no career.

So I started from scratch and built myself up, step by step, day by day – and have not worked for anyone else since.


My Approach to Life:

Life is meant to be fun and joyful, for far too often, things get messed up. It’s hard to let go or see beyond. That’s when a third party – myself or another trust adviser – can listen without judging and provide honest and practical advise. It’d quick, easy and fun! You get to “jump the line” by tapping into someone else perspective – someone with considerable life experience.


What to Expect?

Expect to be listened to without judgements, and expect to receive my honest opinion and advice for your particular situation. Know that you are safe to share what you need in complete confidence of privacy and professionalism. You will likely come out of the conversation feeling better and motivated!


Not Professional Advise!

My advise is not a replacement for professional advice from a doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc. If you require professional advice, make sure you get it from a licensed professional in your area.


Try Just One Call.

Just book one call and see what can happen!


From my course How to Live Happy and Without Anxiety:


Just book one call and see what can happen! See you soon!

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