A Video Blessing by Rabbi David Atar

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Get Blessed by a Rabbi:

Love • Health • Relationships • Money • Marriage • Family

Life is Hard. Get a Little Help!

Do you have a problem or troubles? Do you or someone you know could use a little support?

Ask for a blessing and I will send you a personalized video blessing created just for you.

Rabbi David Atar -

Rabbi David Atar

Rabbi David “Dudu” Atar is a Chabad Rabbi, currently leading the Chabad mission in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.

Under the leadership of Rabbi David Atar, Chabad House SJDS provides Shabbat services, High Holidays services and basic tourist services for all in need in the area.

Rabbi Atar’s is a certified Mohel and Shochet, an excellent baker of Challas and a Kosher culinary expert, providing fantastic, locally sourced all-kosher meals during services. Rabbi Atar is married and have been blessed with five children, so far!


Rabbi David Atar is now offering recorded video personalized blessings.

You can order a video blessing for yourself, for a loved one or for the elevation of the soul of a deceased one (“Iluy Neshama”).

Rabbi David Atar -

How Blessings Work:

Blessings work in two planes: The Heavenly Plane and The Earthly Plane.

In this Earthly Plane, we raise our vibration to match the desired reality we are stepping into. This is prayer.

The Heavenly Realms then receive our prayer and reflect our asking back to us in the physical world.

Rabbi David Atar will pray for you or a loved one. Rabbi Atar will send you a short personalized video prayer, conducted just for you.

Rabbi David Atar -

Add a Psalms Reading

Rabbi Atar will select and read a chapter of Psalm (תְּהִלִּים) for you or on your behalf.

Reading a chapter of Psalm is considered to “expediate remedy and protection”.

This is an optional and additional service that you may order when requesting a blessing.

The reading is in Original Hebrew and attached to your blessing video.

Psalm 1:1 (תְּהִלִּים)

Rabbi David Atar -


Who Can Get a Blessing?

Anyone and everyone! All are welcome, from all races and religions and from all coutries and regions.


What Do People Ask For?

People ask for just about everything:

– Assistance with love & marriage

– Good health

– Peace for my family

– Success with money

– Blessing for children

– Peace between neighbours

– and whatever you need little help with.


What Language are the Blessings in?

By default, blessings are recorded in Hebrew. You may request Rabbi Atar to record your blessing in Spanish.

The optional Psalm readings are recorded in Hebrew.

How Long is the Video?

The Blessing video is typically a minute or two long. If you selected an additional Psalm chapter reading, then the video will be a little longer, as long as it takes the Rabbi to read the Psalm chapter for you.

How Long Until I Receive My Blessing?

Rabbi Atar will record and send you your video blessing typically within a week, excluding Shabat, Jewish Holidays and local or national holidays.It may take a little longer if the power is out (common in Nicaragua), the Rabbi is travelling, etc. Either way, you may begin preparing for receiving of the blessing, now.

How Will I Get The Video?

You will receive an email with the link to your video.

Who Can See The Video?

Your video privacy will be set to “unlisted”. The public cannot see the video. Only those with a direct link are able to view the video.

Can I Share the Video?

Yes! You may download, save and share your video.

Is The Blessing Guaranteed?

No blessings are guaranteed – but they may work!

A blessing is a prayer with intention – for the positive embetterment of the person receiving. By no means can anyone “guarantee” or even measure “results” from spiritual work, yet we, as a whole, can put our hearts together and support each other to the best of our abilities. It should be noted that openness to receiving a well intended blessing, is just as important as the ability to send it.

More Questions?

 What Can I ask For?

You can ask anything you’d like guidance and blessing for:

– Improve my health
– Find Love
– Find Purpose
– Get closer with God
– Success with Money
– Success with School
– and anything else you need assistance with

You may also request a blessing for the soul of someone who passed. This is called “Illuy Neshama”, assisting with the deceased soul’s ascent.


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