Ambassador Program

What is the Ambassador Program?

The 14-Day Immune & Detox Challenge Ambassador Program is a way for influencers and up-and-coming media mavens to experience this life-changing event at no cost and share their progress and experience with the world!

As an Ambassador, you get to take the Challenge and document how your life is changing and post it. You get full and unrestricted access to the program including:

  • Videos
  • Downloads
  • Live calls & recordings
  • Our private channel

Who Should Apply?

You should apply to join our Ambassador Program if you are looking for a breakthrough in your life and intend on sharing it with the world. Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a 1M level influencer – but you do need to be committed to becoming your best version of yourself through metabolic balance, mindset training and sharing your experience.

Because, if you can do this, we want to partner with you!

What is the Challenge like?

The 14-Day Challenge is fun and interactive. We gradually get into Ketogenic eating with a flexible intermittent fasting schedule. You get full support, too: live calls with Oran, recordings of the call, and a private channel where you can ask questions. All of this is done as a community, so you’re not alone – you’re taking this challenge with other people!

What Changes Can I Expect?

First, your body will shift towards ketogenic mode. Although we cannot guarantee performance, and everyone’s different, you will likely notice that your energy levels are increasing, you’re losing weight, your mood is much better, you smile, feel confident and strong. You may also notice that your attractiveness and sex appeal have increased!

How Much Does It Cost?

Zero Dollars – the Ambassador program is fully sponsored by us. You get a full & free access to the entire program, including videos, live calls and the private channel. Our only request is that you share your progress so others can learn about it, too.

What About Food and Supplments?

Firstly, know that you’ll never go hungry. This program is packed with nutritious food.

Second, you may find that your food costs reduce. This is because you won’t need to buy any processed foods or eat out for 14 days, so you’ll probably save a lot of money.

Supplements in our program are optional and you can do the program, without them. If you’re looking to use the supplements, you’ll have to purchase those separately as supplements are not included in the program’s fee.

Do You Pay Referral Fees?

We sure do! Ask us for an affiliate link. If anyone from your links signed up for the program, you will get 25% of what they paid (net, excluded of taxes, fees or shipping,). For example – if you referred to us 8 new clients each spending net of $997, you will receive 8* (25%*997)= $1,994.

Commitment Required:

Prior to applying, be sure and really honest with yourself that you will be committing 14 days to this program. It’s not difficult but you do need to stick to the program. You can eat lots – just not the foods that kill your ketosis. If you are excited about giving your gut, mind and soul a fresh start, continue below.

Apply Now:

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