Your Own Best Friend and Your True Relations – Channeling Ethium #22

The importance of inner connection, viewing external relationships as reflections of oneself. It discusses societal growth facilitated by AI, links diseases to misalignment, and explores spiritual aspects and extraterrestrial technological guidance.

Spiritual and metaphysical insights

  • We exist in a multi-dimensional state where we perceive reality as delivering the most important experience for us.
  • The societal setup is meant to separate people, but no one is meant to live by themselves, reflecting the loneliness they feel and how they have abandoned themselves.
  • Manifesting and aligning with the vibration frequency may not always bring back what you expect, but it will come back in the form that it needs to show up in.
  • The idea of tuning the idea of a disharmonious note in your system imagine you are listening to a song where an instrument is not quite tuned properly correct you know when this particular vibration or frequency or tone is out of alignment with the rest of your actual harmonics right yeah.The concept of accessing the akashic records and channeling information is intriguing and thought-provoking.
  • Regulus as a star is very important within your system because it is a guided mind, part of the current trajectory that you are on, moving into a higher spectrum and a higher being to be able to perceive and connect to these particular beings.The outcome of the solar eclipse depends on the reality you are in, from a beautiful experience to the world coming apart.
  • There is no punishment or hell from a higher perspective, only the choice to continue punishing yourself for past experiences.

Extraterrestrial and scientific theories

  • The Grays lost their humanity and became more machine than human after transferring their consciousness to new bodies.
  • The idea of alien races interacting with humans and extracting genetic material for hybridization raises questions about the existence of extraterrestrial life and their involvement with Earth.The CERN’s attempt to create small black holes and guide the energy in a particular direction raises questions about the potential dangers of their experiments.

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