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Do you have a podcast or a youtube channel about healing, natural health, strength, immunity or intuition?

The practitioners of the are selectively available for podcast appearances in the topics mentioned above.

So, if you believe that one of us would make a great guest for your podcast, fill the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you, thank you, bless!

Oran - Health Coach - 14 Day Immune & Detox Challenge

#1 – Oran

Health Coach and Creator of 14-Day Immune & Detox Challenge

After 13 years of suffering from medical failures, Oran has taken it upon himself to heal himself of a severe Chron’s disease and cancer that developed as a result of the side effect of the meds Oran was given. Oran is now completely healthy, takes no drugs and maintains a healthy and natural lifestyle. In this course, Oran will guide you through and share his vast knowledge of how to self-heal using a holistic approach, bringing together microbiome health, positive mindset and nature-inspired values.

Kenneth Fuller - Healer and Channeler -

#2 – Kenneth Fuller & Ethium 👽

Kenneth is an intuitive healer, bodyworker and channeler

Kenneth Fuller is a bodyworker and channeler, based out of Portland, Oregon. Kenneth is available to interview as himself, on the topics of E.T. communication and disclosure, personal growth, spiritual awakening and bodyworking.

Ethium 👽 is an E.T. of the Essessani race. Ethium has a down-to-Earth approach, yet he is loving with a dry sense of humour. Ethium can channel other entities, such as, Dragon energy, Malchitzedek, Ra and more.

Laurel Lyons - Intuitive Healer, Sedona AZ }

#3 – Laurel Lyons

Laurel Lyons is an intuitive channeler, healer and coach, based out of Sedona, AZ.

In 2013, Laurel was hit by a lightning. This painful experience has shifted much in her life and fine tuned her healing and intuitive abilities. Laurel will channel your Higher Self for you and bring you messages awaiting for you in the Spirit World.

JOZEF - Coach -

#4 – Jozef

Jozef teaches the mindset of happiness, health and wealth.

“I’ve not had a job in 21 years and doing pretty well. Life has taken me to all kinds of places. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and now, I am excited to share my insights with you”.

#5 – Michael Ferrer, IFBB Pro

Michael Ferrer is a professional bodybuilder, Poker player and coach.

“Ask yourself – Why? What was the reason for me to be here? What is my mission? What are the goals and values I decided to work on? Remember your Whys, that’s how to keep moving.”

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