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If you are looking for a breakthrough in your life and want to do it with other KINGS like yourself, check out TEAM ALPHA 1 – the Ambassador Program for the Get Strong 14-Day Challenge.

The Ambassador Program is seeking to sponsor 12 motivated individuals (men only) to participate in the 14-Day Challenge and help us make it even better!

Why Join Team Alpha 1?

If you’re looking to get that breakthrough you need, network with the right people and significantly improve your life – while taking a leadership role – then TEAM ALPHA 1 – Program Ambassadors is the place for you!

You will be joining a team of motivated Alpha Males – just like yourself.

The program is fully sponsored – you get full, free access to the entire program, including videos, live calls and King’s Court (our private group). Once you’ve joined below, you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to our life-changing program GET STRONG! 14-Day Challenge ($997) with Master Sensei & Jozef.

You’ll receive FULL PROGRAM ACESS including all videos, zoom calls and the King’s Court (our private group).


Join TEAM ALPHA 1 – Program Ambassadors if you’re going to commit to 28 minutes per day for 14 days, and wish help us make the program even better!

Join TEAM ALPHA 1- Program Ambassadors:

Team Alpha 1 – Ambassador Program


  1. Are you looking to unleash your Full Potential as a King? Is it time for you to up your game? Do you feel that with a bit of push (or help), you’d finally break that glass ceiling and shine through?
  2. Are you willing to commit to investing 28 min a day, for 14 days, in YOURSELF?
  3. Are you willing to share your daily progress, in our private group, The Kings Court?

If you’ve answered YES to ALL THREE QUESTIONS, you are likely a good fit for our 14 Day Challenge Ambassador Program.

What Is The Ambassador Program?

The 14 Day Challenge Ambassador Program is for Kings who are committed to self-growth and wish to help us make the program the best ever. 

As an Ambassador, you take the program – completely free – and in return, participate by investing 28 minutes each day for 14 days as following:

  • 5-10 minutes – watch a daily video 
  • 12 minutes – a workout of your choice 
  • 8-10 minutes – complete assignment inside Kings Court.
  • At the end of the program, chat with us (or fill our survey) to provide us your feedback and suggestions. 

What’s Included?

Ambassadors get 100% access to the entire program:

  • All Videos
  • All Worksheets
  • All Bonuses
  • Daily Planner Download
  • Live Zoom Calls
  • Kings Court Access
  • Free Professional Profile
  • Networking, Business & Friendship Opportunities
  • Certificate of Completion

What Will You Get Out Of it?

Fame, God and Glory!

Well, sorta! Our aim is to support you in your personal life adventure and help you grow to become a Leader of Leaders, a King of Kings. 

From our experience, you’re going to feel more confident in yourself, stronger in your body, sharer in your mind and quicker on your feet. Your relationships will change and evolve, for the better, and you’ll be attracting spiritual, monetary and psychical wealth, abundance and love. Sounds good? You bet! 

How Difficult Is The Challenge?

The Challenge is what you make it. We put no hard numbers, limits of targets on you. However. We expect you to “give it all you’ve got”, fully knowing some days you may be too busy, tired or occupied. That’s OK, that’s part of life. 

For example – you could push yourself at work, or at the gym, or calling someone for a date – or you could not – we leave it up to you.

What is important, that regardless of what you have done (or not) – you share it in our private group – the Kings Court. When we all share, we unite, feed on each other strength and help pick up anyone that needs support at the time. 

Is There a Test?

No, there is no test. You do the best you can, and you can grade yourself if you like.

Is There a Certificate of Completion?

Yes there is. Complete 80% or more of your Worksheets and let us know, and we will send you the Certificate. We use an Honor System, what you report is what we use. We will not check you.

Do I Have to Pay Anything?

No – nothing. The Ambassador Program is 100% sponsored by us.

Do I have to Promote The Program?

No – not at all. Your participation is what’s most important. However – if you wanted to promote this excellent program, we have a generous Referral Program available:

Optional Referral Program

We have a generous 30% Referral Fees to Ambassadors who refer friends to us:

  • 1st Referral 30%
  • 2nd Referral 30%
  • 3rd Referral 30%
  • 4th Referral 30%
  • 5th Referral or more 30%
  • For Example, If Eight off your friends have joined the program (using your link or code) at $997/each, you will receive:

Eight times $997 times 30% = $2,392.

You will then receive $2,392. 

NOTES: All amounts in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise mentioned. Applicable Taxes, if any, 3rd party delivery or processing fees will be withheld. Note that we take no fees for us from your Referral fee. Only the direct costs required to process and send you your share are deducted.

Who Are We?

We are a community of Kings, living our best lives, challenging ourselves daily and inspiring others to grow – in body, mind and soul.

Together, we break through the barriers of perception, background and situations, to unleash our true and full potential as Kings, manifesting our desires and making our wildest dreams come true.

Our #14DayChallenge is more than fourteen days of fun & focus – it is the cornerstone of a new inspired life – a story that bonds us together from now on – as Men-Kings, thriving in our own lives and helping others take that leap of faith – as we have before them.

Ready to Join the Ambassador Team? Sign Below, and see you inside in a few minutes!

Yours in Service, 

Master Sensei & Jozef

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