14-Day Immune & Detox Challenge – How it Works?

In this video, Oran explains how the 14 Day Immune & Detox Challenge works, how easy it is to follow and why you’ll feel great when you take this Challenge, including the 3 parts:

  1. Videos & Downloads
  2. Private Channel
  3. Live Zoom Calls

This is an interactive course, including a LIVE instructor – Oran. You can ask Oran questions at any time in the Private Channel or during our Live Zoom Calls. Your personal results will vary, greatly depending on your overall current health and microbiome conditions.

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Why Take This Challenge?

🚨 Take this Challenge if you want to:

✅  Restart your immune system!
✅  Detox from sugar & toxins!
✅  Lose a little weight!
❤️   Be happier and healthier!!
✅  Increase your stamina!
✅  Get stronger!
✅  Make better choices!
✅  Get a positive outlook on life!

What’s Included?

👉 This Premium Course includes:

✅ 7 Prep videos
✅ 14 Daily videos
✅ 7 Bonus videos
✅ Live & Recorded Zooms
✅ Private channel – with Oran!
✅ Custom Daily Planner (PDF download)
✅ Meal Planner (PDF download)
✅ Streetlight Method (PDF download)
✅ Supplement List (Optional, PDF Download)


💰💰💰 LIFETIME ACCESS to all course materials, videos, zooms and private channel – take the challenge again, jump on a call or ask a question – any time! Valued at $3,988!!

Oran: My Story

Learn more and join here: 14 Day Immune & Detox Challenge

Ready for the Challenge?
Start now!

Learn more and join here: 14 Day Immune & Detox Challenge

🚨 How Does it Work?

  • This is a simple and easy program to follow
  • We give you a daily schedule to follow
  • Meal Plan with food and drink suggestions is included – lots of options!
  • You’ll never be hungry! No limits on eating.
  • We will tune your immune system & detox your organs*
  • Oran is live on the calls – ask anything!
  • Oran is also in the private channel – where everyone meets!
  • The best day to start is today!
  • Join anytime – start right now!
  • You get full access to the entire program – right away!
  • Follow the simple instructions – and have fun!

🚨 What is the Process?

  • To begin, view the first section and print out the downloads.
  • In your Daily Planner, fill in your Intentions & Goals section.
  • Plan some meals ahead, use the Meal Planner for ideas.
  • Follow the times & food instructions in the Planner – for 14 days!
  • Watch 1 of the 14 video every day
  • Check the events section for the next live call
  • Check the library for recorded calls
  • Ask or answer a question in the Immune & Detox channel
  • Watch more videos if you want – and re-watch them!
  • Keep going for 14 days!

🚨 What About the Food?

  • We’re going to share with you the absolute best foods to eat and when to eat them!
  • We’re going to teach you what not to eat – ever, and why?
  • We’re going to show you which foods you can eat in moderation.
  • We will teach you to “reset” your gut microbiome*
  • Oran will guide and answer your questions through recorded videos and LIVE Zoom calls!
  • You can chat with other participants and ask questions or share your experience.
  • We eat 2-4 meals a day (up to you!)
  • The food is good!
  • We keep food costs to minimum!
  • The first week is different than the second week
  • Optional Supplement list us included – complete with Amazon & Ariix links

🚨 *Remember & Disclaimer:

  • Each participant will have a different experience – that’s natural.
  • So, your results will be unique to you!
  • Don’t compare yourself with others – you are unique.
  • The process is more important than the results – think “just do it’!
  • You can’t fail or underperform this Challenge.
  • There are no guarantees, either.
  • So – enjoy the Challenge, participate and have fun!
  • “Reset”, “Tune”, “Ketogenic”, “Restore”, “Metabolic Balance” and ‘Detox” are loose terms we use, they are not medical phrases.
  • If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor before registering.
  • By taking this program you advise that you are fit and healthy and without any health concerns.

🚨 Why Dieting On Your Own Fails – but WE Succeed?

  • It’s nearly impossible to commit when you do it by yourself.
  • You NEED accountability and support.
  • That’s why we have a private, dedicated channel – chat with your peers!
  • You NEED a live instructor – Oran is there, for you!
  • Simplicity is key – our program is simple and easy!
  • You won’t be hungry!
  • You’ll get Ketogenic* and feel amazing!
  • We aim to restore your hormonal & metabolic balance!

🚨 How to Prepare?

  • Upon signup, you’ll receive full and unlimited access to the entire course!
  • Watch the “Pre” section videos first
  • Download and print the PDFs. Read em. Use em.
  • Use the Shopping List to plan for groceries
  • Use the Meal Plan to plan and prepare your food
  • Ariix supplement suggestions (optional) are included, too!
  • Log into 🥑🥩 Immunity & Detoxchannel and introduce yourself 🙂
  • Check the Events section for the next live call
  • Visit the Library for additional info.


  • How is this program different than others? First, The 14-Day Challenge is led by a LIVE PERSON, which does LIVE Zoom calls and responds to your questions in the channel. Second, we have a dedicated, private channel where you can interact with other participants – Immunity & Detox.
  • How much do I eat every day? In the first week we have 4-5 meals a day and the second week 2-3 meals a day, and you can always eat more if you want.
  • Will I be hungry? Not at all! We will teach you which foods to eat so you do not get hungry… there’s knowledge to it…!
  • How much is the cost of the food? Probably less than what you pay on the regular. We included an optimized shopping list for groceiries and for the optional supplements, as well as a handy Meal Planner.
  • What does “System Rest” mean? It means giving your entire digestion system the opporrtunity to heal itself, by providing it with the necessary nutrition and rest required for the process to begin.
  • Can I work out while in the program? Absolutely! Many people feel increased amounts of energy while on the program! You may, too!
  • How can I maximize my results? Participate in the group discussion. Ask questions and help others! It will helo you to get and stay motivated – group accountability is the key to your success!
  • Which types of people are using this program? People from all walks of life – anyone that wants to feel better, look better, lose a little weight, get energized and have a positive outlook on life!
  • Anything Else? Just ask!

Learn more and join here: 14 Day Immune & Detox Challenge

Learn more and join here: 14 Day Immune & Detox Challenge

Key insights

  • 🤗 The program aims to make your body feel better and happier by detoxifying and strengthening the immune system.
  • 🍽️ Your body will tell you exactly when and what to eat, eliminating the feeling of hunger and promoting metabolic balance.
  • 🎥 The program includes live Zoom calls with open Q&A, creating a supportive and interactive learning environment.
  • 🌿 Following the 14-Day Immune & Detox Challenge led to feeling more relaxed, calm, focused, and energized.
  • 🍬 Taking a 14-day break from sweets and treats can clear your mind and increase focus and energy.
  • 🤝 Having a community of people going through the same thing can provide the support and motivation needed to succeed in a diet or detox challenge.
  • 📅 It’s important to plan and prepare for your meals and daily activities in advance to stay on track with your health goals.
  • 🌱 The bonus section provides extra value and exclusive content, including detox information that has personally helped and even saved the speaker’s life.

How Does The Challenge Work?

🌿 Oran’s 14-day Immune and Detox Challenge helps you feel better, lose weight, and strengthen your immune system with daily videos, meal plans, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Following the 14-Day Immune & Detox Challenge can lead to feeling more relaxed, calm, focused, and energized, and having a supportive community can provide the motivation needed to succeed:

  • Oran’s 14-day immune and detox challenge is for everyone who wants to feel better, lose weight, strengthen their immune system, and detoxify their body.
  • The program consists of pre-section, download section, daily videos, and bonuses, with the pre-section providing general information and the download section containing daily planner, meal planner, and supplement links.
  • The daily plan includes drinking water, meditation, mild exercise, boost coffee, meal times, and preparation for sleep, with easy-to-follow instructions and meal ideas.

🌱 The 14-day challenge provides knowledge and tools for body transformation, allowing you to continue with necessary tools afterwards and feel satiated all the time.

  • The daily videos provide knowledge and tools to support your body’s transformation during the 14-day challenge, allowing you to continue with the necessary tools afterwards.
  • Your body will tell you when and how much to eat, so you won’t feel hungry and will be satiated all the time during the 14-day immune and detox challenge.

🌱 Join the 14-day Immune and Detox Challenge for live Zoom calls, Q&A sessions, and support in a private group, with the option to start anytime and access recorded videos.

  • The program includes live Zoom calls with events, Q&A sessions, and open communication for sharing information.
  • The program includes sharing experiences, live sessions, and a private group for communication and support.
  • The program is live and interactive, allowing participants to speak with the host and ask questions in real time, as well as rewatch recordings and ask questions in a private channel.
  • Join the program anytime, start today, and have access to recorded videos and support to bridge the gap.

🌱 Following the 14-day immune and detox challenge can lead to feeling more relaxed, focused, energized, and improved mental capacity and mood, emphasizing the importance of balanced nutrition and gut health for overall well-being.

  • The speaker discusses the streetlight method for food consumption, emphasizing the importance of eating healthy, reducing food costs, and feeling more satiated.
  • Following the 14-day immune and detox challenge resulted in feeling more relaxed, focused, energized, and improved mental capacity and mood.
  • Balanced nutrition and gut health can lead to overall balance and well-being, affecting both physical and mental aspects.
  • Results of the 14-day immune and detox challenge will vary for each individual, but the goal is to achieve balance and support each other throughout the process.

🌿 Eliminating sugar and junk food for 14 days can lead to mental clarity, increased energy, and stable energy levels, while dieting in a group with support and an instructor leads to greater success.

  • Taking a 14-day break from consuming sugar and junk food can lead to mental clarity, increased focus, and more energy due to the process of detoxification.
  • Changing your diet to eliminate sugar and processed foods can lead to a more stable and balanced energy level, as well as a change in cravings due to a shift in gut bacteria.
  • Dieting in a group with community support and an available instructor leads to greater success compared to dieting alone.

🌿 The 14-day immune and detox challenge is simple to follow, with optional supplements and group support, and the program includes a daily planner and meal schedule.

  • The program is simple to follow, with supplements being optional, and the support of a group to help overcome any obstacles.
  • Supplements are not a must for the program, it depends on personal and economic situations, and the first step is to download the daily planner.
  • The speaker discusses how the 14-day immune and detox challenge has reduced their hunger and how the body uses toxins as fuel, but acknowledges that it may not be easy for everyone.
  • Download the meal planner and daily schedule, follow the instructions, and leave comments in the channel.

🌿 The speaker emphasizes the importance of sharing valuable knowledge about detox and overall well-being, and the 14-day challenge includes a library for additional information, recordings, and events.

  • The speaker discusses the importance of sharing valuable knowledge about detox and overall well-being, and emphasizes the availability of information for people to feel good physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • The 14-day immune and detox challenge includes a library for additional information, recordings, and events.
  • 📅 Join the live call for the 14-Day Immune & Detox Challenge and get more information about the course.
  • Find out the next live call and RSVP to get the link for the live call.
  • The speaker discusses the upcoming course and encourages participation, highlighting the availability of interviews and additional information.

Ready to Begin?

Learn more and join here: 14 Day Immune & Detox Challenge

30 Day Money Back Guarante

100% Money Back Guaranteed.

We believe that we provide the best possible knowledge and service. Yet sometimes, for whatever reasons, things may not align. That’s OK. Send us a refund request within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.

Oran - Health Coach - 14 Day Immune & Detox Challenge

Your Coach – Oran

After 13 years of suffering from medical failures, Oran has taken it upon himself to heal himself of a severe Chron’s disease and cancer that developed as a result of the side effect of the meds Oran was given. Oran is now completely healthy, takes no drugs and maintains a healthy and natural lifestyle. In this course, Oran will guide you through and share his vast knowledge of how to self-heal using a holistic approach, bringing together microbiome health, positive mindset and nature-inspired values.

Learn more and join here: 14 Day Immune & Detox Challenge

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