State of The World, The Future, Us vs. Me, New Energy Source, Human Society – Channeling Ethium #14


Ethium the ET speaks in a channeled message about the future, emphasizing balance and the transition to a more sustainable and holistic way of living.

The idea for this session were three of Pamela Aaralyn‘s videos about the future: 2030, 2070 and 2085.


  • 🌍 Vision of the future: A glimpse into a future of balance, with a transition to more rural living and sustainable technology.
  • 💡 New energy source: Discussion of plasmic energy and the need for new technologies to adapt to a pole shift event in the future.
  • 🌊 Water quality and relevance: Insight into the importance of caring for water, its memory, and the potential for new systems to purify and use it.
  • 🌱 Societal shifts: Expectations of a shift towards smaller, local supply chains, independent retailers, and a more community-oriented lifestyle.
  • 🛸 Extraterrestrial contact: Confirmation of the potential for open contact with extraterrestrial beings, as well as the role of new generations in this shift.

Future Societal Shifts

  • 🔮 The idea that we are being shown hints of possibilities of versions of timelines that we are more than likely to exist and move down in the years to come is a good synopsis and a good guideline of what is possible in our future.
  • ⚡️ The pole shift will disrupt current electrical systems, leading to the development of new, sustainable energy sources and a shift towards free energy devices for consumers.
  • 🌍 The future will see a shift away from unsustainable consumption-based businesses towards a more sustainable way of living.
  • 🌍 The future of water and the planet: New systems will be put in place to respect and conserve water, especially in areas experiencing severe droughts.
  • 🌍 Your political, technological, and sociological systems will eventually reflect a more balanced state.
  • 🌟 People don’t make change until the pain to not make the change is too great, serving as a motivational mechanism.
  • 🔥 The current energy source is unsustainable and will need to change in the future.
  • 🌍 The world is moving into an age of balance and unity, shifting away from the extremes of individualism.
  • 🌍 The future of society will involve a shift away from selfishness and hoarding wealth, towards a mindset of serving and helping others for the betterment of the world.
  • 🏛️ “Your governments are a reflection of where you’ve been for many years in that fear state that state of not having enough that you need to be controlled.”

Spiritual and Energetic Insights

  • 🌍 The process of civilization’s elevation is a mutual support between us and higher beings.
  • 🌌 A timeline is a trajectory of reality of sorts, a reading of the momentum you have for a particular energy in a particular direction that you are taking.
  • 🎈 Practice being in vibrational resonance with what you desire, as if you already have it, in order to attract those things into your life.

Human civilization is evolving towards a more sustainable, community-focused, and spiritually connected society, with a shift towards new energy sources, smaller retailers, local governance, and a focus on serving others and manifesting positive energy.

  • 00:00 🔮 Human civilization is shifting towards new energy sources and societal structures, with a focus on sustainability and adaptation to environmental changes.
    • Human civilization is energetically elevating themselves with support from higher beings.
    • You are being shown possibilities of future timelines that represent a balance and a shift away from negative aspects, with old systems falling away as new energy sources and human society emerge.
    • In the future, people will start moving to more rural environments to have more space, while those who stay in the city will work in administration and the city will still be supplied by trucks.
    • Transition towards sustainable technology and power sources, such as plasmic energy, will be necessary to adapt to the environmental changes caused by a pole shift event.
    • The speaker discusses the impact of environmental shifts on current technologies, the need to adapt to new energy sources, and the eventual development of consumer-grade free energy devices.
  • 08:12 🔮 The future will see a shift to smaller retailers and new water technologies to conserve resources.
    • The future will see a shift away from unsustainable corporations and a return to smaller, independent retailers as the population stabilizes.
    • The future of water and the relationship between humans and the environment will involve the implementation of new systems and technology to respect and conserve water resources.
    • Desalination and water production from air are future technologies that will provide abundant water, reflecting the idea that everything we need is readily available.
  • 12:36 🌍 Political, technological, and sociological systems will balance out, focusing on community over individualism, as humanity evolves and eliminates oppressive systems.
    • Political, technological, and sociological systems will reflect a balanced state, and negative influences will eventually disappear.
    • Focus on community rather than individualism, as it leads to better relationships and meaningful conversations.
    • The machine will free people from menial tasks, but it’s important to maintain human connection and not lose our humanity, as our unique perspective is valuable to beings from other planets, and we should aim for a slow evolution rather than rapid change.
    • Humanity is going through a natural process of slowly turning off systems that no longer serve them, allowing for the next step in evolution.
    • Most systems are oppressive and cause long-term issues, but change only happens when the pain of not changing becomes too great.
  • 20:08 🔮 True intelligence is reflected in daily actions, character is more important than frequency, and we can connect to higher vibrations to receive great ideas and make energetic adjustments.
    • IQ cannot be accurately measured through tests, as true intelligence is reflected in one’s daily actions and willingness to understand.
    • Character is more important than measuring frequency, and the ability to connect and channel is developed through training rather than being innate.
    • The speaker discusses the development of a particular skill and the ability to connect with higher vibrations to receive and translate information.
    • We are part of the same oversoul, connecting to higher selves and making energetic adjustments to smooth out communication and access higher frequency.
    • Align with your higher self, act in accordance with the frequency of excitement, and be in a relaxed, receptive state to receive great ideas.
    • Water has memory and picks up emotions and imprints as it moves through environments, so it’s important to repair and treat water systems and to avoid places with concentrated negativity.
  • 28:38 🌍 Higher frequency beings predict the end of wars and violence, the use of new technology to improve human society, and the increasing presence of extraterrestrial beings in our society.
    • Many people operate on a high frequency and as more humans embrace their natural abilities, the majority of the population will function more holistically, leading to a closer connection with nature and intuition.
    • Higher frequency beings do not rely on IQ tests, and they predict that wars and violence will eventually cease as they plan to share technology and gifts to improve human society.
    • New technology will help clean the water and air, and soon there will be an increase in sightings of ships in the sky, with the purpose of communicating with humans.
    • Memories of a parallel reality where humanity destroyed itself are being shown to emphasize the importance of not repeating those mistakes and focusing on necessary expansion.
    • Different realities of Earth have experienced different histories, and people are shifting between these realities, leading to different memories and experiences.
    • Extraterrestrial beings will become common in our society, and timelines are trajectories of reality based on the momentum and energy direction, with predictions of the future based on the current trajectory.
  • 38:25 🔮 Future governance and education will be more local and less centralized, with a shift in the tax system and economic environment to accommodate a balanced way of living, while the barter system may replace currency and healthcare will focus on natural medicine and a more simple way of life.
    • Future governance and education will be less centralized and more local, with a shift in the tax system and economic environment to accommodate a more balanced way of living.
    • Barter system may replace currency in the future, with smaller companies fulfilling needs instead of larger ones.
    • The future of healthcare will be less capital-driven and more people-driven, with a focus on natural medicine and a return to a more simple and balanced way of life.
  • 43:10 🔮 The future involves a shift towards healthier food and the dissolution of armies, focusing on serving others and manifesting positive energy.
    • The future will involve a shift towards locally grown and healthier food, and the eventual dissolution of armies as society globalizes.
    • Moving away from selfishness and hoarding wealth, the future will focus on serving and helping others, striving for balance and positive energy.
    • The channel allows information to flow through and help people move through the clutter, and it is not important how many people watch now, as the information will reach those who need it over time.
    • Future transmissions are important for learning, organizing calls to make sense, and acting as a counterpart for connection.
    • Manifesting is about making things happen and being in vibrational accordance with what you want to appear in your life, which comes from understanding and practice.
    • To attract what you want in life, you must be in vibrational accordance and practice self-forgiveness and compassion.
  • 51:26 🌍 Society’s main problem is unworthiness, fear, guilt, and shame control institutions, a new species homo Galacticus is emerging, validation from others is not necessary, and embracing the natural evolution of humans is important.
    • Society’s main problem is the feeling of unworthiness, and the speaker had to go through a process of letting go to be able to receive information and connect with others.
    • Society is controlled by fear, guilt, and shame, leading to institutions and government structures that reflect a fear-based energy and the belief of not having enough.
    • New generation of thinkers and species are starting to be born, leading to the emergence of a whole new species, homo Galacticus, but humans are obsessed with the past and future due to societal teachings.
    • Closure and validation from others are not necessary, as long as you acknowledge and validate yourself, and ego, fear, and shame can prevent us from being present in the moment.
    • Return to a more innocent state, allow needs to guide you, understand negative beliefs, and embrace the new natural evolution of the human species.

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