ENLIGHTENMENT – Channeling Ethium #28

Interactions with Extraterrestrial Beings and Races

  • The True Light language is light itself, allowing for telepathic integration with those around you.
  • Every person you meet is an extension of your oversoul energetically, creating a shared reality with reflections of each other.
  • The concept of different humanoid forms and extraterrestrial beings interacting with Earth throughout history is a fascinating and controversial idea.
  • The idea of many different species existing in our solar system challenges traditional beliefs about extraterrestrial life.
  • The idea of the Christ Consciousness is more of the collective consciousness of your planet expressing itself through a more Galactic form.
  • The technology that Bob Lazar saw was a mix of extraterrestrial and human craft, giving a sample of what it’s like to move at a higher frequency and what kind of vehicles are potentially there to be made.There have been many different versions of humans in the past, some successful and many not successful, expressing different ideas at different points in their lives as their bodies change.
  • The concept of different races and colonies integrating into the genetic pool of humanity raises questions about our origins and diversity.
  • The idea of a soul as a higher consciousness coming from everywhere allows for natural expression of abilities from different stars.
  • Interacting with beings in the dream state allows for more open interactions than in the physical world, unblocked by beliefs of what is possible.

Integration of Enlightenment into Everyday Life

  • The idea of Enlightenment is not just about the experience, but also about integrating it into your everyday life and understanding of yourself.
  • Everyone you meet is your teacher, and everyone you meet is your student, allowing you to evolve and move vibrationally higher to higher levels.
  • Being in the flow of the universe can slow down aging, increase energy, and reduce the need for food.

Teleportation and Time Travel of Consciousness

  • In non-physical, you can experience life on a higher frequency, where you can be 10,000 years in the future or five years in the past, all simultaneously at the speed of thought.
  • The idea of being teleported through time is more about teleporting your consciousness, not your physical body, to another realm that could be your past or future.

Summary in 5 Points

  • Enlightenment is described as a state of integration and understanding of oneself and one’s experiences.
  • After reaching Enlightenment, it’s emphasized that one still needs to live a normal life and integrate the experience into daily living.
  • The concept of reincarnation is discussed, suggesting that experiences with others may be karmic lessons from past lives.
  • Light language is described as telepathic in nature, potentially originating from other civilizations, but ultimately tied to one’s own consciousness.
  • Various topics are touched upon, including the nature of reality, consciousness, extraterrestrial beings, and the significance of personal experiences and relationships.

Summary in 18 Points

  1. Enlightenment Definition: Enlightenment is portrayed as a state of integration and understanding of oneself and one’s experiences, wherein individuals “lighten up” on themselves and act from a place of inner harmony.
  2. Normal Life Integration: Even after achieving Enlightenment, individuals are encouraged to lead a normal life and integrate their spiritual experiences into their everyday existence.
  3. Buddha’s Example: The text refers to Buddha, suggesting that even after attaining Enlightenment, he continued to live a simple life, symbolized by washing his bowl, highlighting the importance of integrating spiritual realizations into practical life.
  4. Reincarnation and Karma: The idea of reincarnation is discussed, suggesting that experiences with others may be karmic lessons from past lives, indicating a cyclical nature of learning and growth.
  5. Light Language: Light language is described as telepathic communication, potentially originating from other civilizations. It’s suggested that while some languages spoken may have extraterrestrial origins, true light language is linked to one’s consciousness and its impact on reality.
  6. Reality Perception: The text delves into the nature of reality, suggesting that one’s reality is a projection of their consciousness and that individuals interact with others as extensions of their own energetic selves.
  7. Shared Reality: While acknowledging a shared reality, the text hints at the subjective nature of perception, suggesting that individuals may perceive reality differently based on their own consciousness and experiences.
  8. Living in the Moment: There’s an emphasis on living in the present moment, with the suggestion that individuals who do so experience clearer perceptions and potentially healthier, longer lives.
  9. Facing Experiences: Anxiety is attributed not solely to past experiences but to avoidance of facing one’s true self and experiences, urging individuals to confront and fully experience their realities rather than running away from them.
  10. Limiting Beliefs: The text discusses how denying or running away from negative beliefs only strengthens their presence in one’s reality, advocating for understanding and addressing them to align with one’s true self.
  11. Accessing Past Lives: It’s suggested that in the non-physical realm, individuals have full access to their past lives and experiences without the limitations of physical existence, implying a broader understanding of one’s existence beyond linear time.
  12. Encounters with Entities: The text mentions encounters with entities or beings, suggesting that such experiences can offer insights into one’s connection to different star systems or civilizations, potentially indicating a broader cosmic awareness.
  13. Extraterrestrial Influences: The conversation touches upon the Anunnaki and other extraterrestrial beings, hinting at their role in human evolution and genetic influence, including the existence of giants in ancient history.
  14. Technology and Ancient Civilizations: The text suggests that ancient civilizations possessed advanced technology beyond current human capabilities, attributing certain architectural feats to lost technologies.
  15. Galactic Consciousness: There’s a discussion about the Christ Consciousness and the collective consciousness of the planet, suggesting a broader interconnectedness and a higher vibrational state accessible to humanity.
  16. Practices and Spiritual Growth: Various spiritual practices, such as being present and ascending to higher states of consciousness, are discussed as pathways to spiritual growth and enlightenment.
  17. Interpretation of Reality: The text encourages individuals to question and clarify their understanding of reality and spiritual concepts to gain deeper insights into their existence and purpose.
  18. Emotional Resilience: Lastly, there’s a message about emotional resilience, advising individuals not to be hurt by transient relationships and to focus on the meaningful connections that contribute to personal growth and fulfillment.


Every person you meet is an extension of your oversoul energetically, creating a shared reality with reflections of each other.

  • 00:00 Embrace life’s lessons, evolve, and open up to the experience of Enlightenment and higher frequencies.
    • The message is about reaching the stage of enlightenment where everything comes together.
    • Enlightenment is not just about the experience itself, but also about integrating that experience into your everyday life and understanding that the experiences you have are interconnected with those of others.
    • Embrace the lessons and experiences in life, allow yourself to evolve and move to higher levels, and open up to the experience of Enlightenment and higher frequencies.
  • 03:39 Light language is telepathic and integrative, experiences are made of light, consciousness affects reality, and everyone exists in their own reality but shares a consistent reality with others.
    • Light language is ultimately telepathic in nature, and the true light language is light itself, allowing for harmonious integration with others.
    • Your experiences are made of light, even the dark ones, and the physical experience is only as real as you make it, as demonstrated by the experiment where light behaves differently based on observation.
    • Consciousness affects the reality you experience, as every person and experience is an extension of your own energy, creating a shared reality with others.
    • Dolores Canon’s concept of “background people” is a misunderstanding, as they are like extras in a movie, still living their own lives but contributing to the experiences of others.
    • People share a consensus reality with others, but not necessarily the exact same reality, and everyone exists in their own reality but shares a consistent reality with others at a given time.
  • 09:30 Embracing the present moment leads to a healthier and longer life, pay attention to thoughts and shift energetically to understand and be more aware, let go of ego and face fears for integration and understanding.
    • Joshua 10:12-14 in the Bible is about a shift between realities and the idea of time standing still when shifting frequencies, with the concept of time being metaphorical in reality.
    • Being constantly in the moment leads to better, healthier, and longer lives, as it allows for clearer perception and staying in the flow results in slower aging, more energy, and needing to eat less.
    • Pay attention to your thoughts and the reality you want to experience, as your reality is an expression of you and shifting energetically will help you understand and be more aware.
    • Embracing and facing fears allows for integration and understanding, rather than giving them power by running away from them.
    • Understanding and letting go of the ego and emotional attachments is essential for being in a flow and using the physical ego for its intended purpose, even in non-physical reality.
    • In the non-physical realm, negative beliefs do not exist as you have access to all of your experiences and can understand and experience everything simultaneously.
  • 17:54 Stay positive to avoid negative entities, different people experience reality differently, and practice being present to create your own reality and see your higher self.
    • The speaker and their daughter encountered heavy fog by the lake, received a warning from a friend, and then had a wonderful time at the park under the trees.
    • There are doorways where negative entities can enter, but if you stay in a positive state, you won’t interact with them.
    • People may not all experience the same reality, and while some may not perceive certain events, they can still be affected by them to some extent.
    • Joshua’s ability to be in the present moment is attributed to occult practices that were taught by the Atlantans and hoarded by a few.
    • Practices like being present, on a higher frequency, and viewing the world differently are meant to teach you to create your own reality and see the higher expression of yourself.
  • 24:15 Humans are a hybrid species with 13 different DNAs, and there are many different species here to help us through the process of life.
    • Life is not as serious as people think, and there are many different species here to help us through the process.
    • Ancestors have evolved into different humanoid forms, including Palladians, reptilians, Grays, maned beans, Zeta grays, and anunaki in their evolved form as hypers sapiens.
    • Different species exist in the solar system, including the tall whites and Anunnaki, who are an amalgamation of many different species, and humans are an offshoot of the Anunnaki.
    • Humans are a hybrid species with 13 different DNAs expressing themselves in different ways, leading to the diversity of physical forms and the disappearance of cultures like the Aztec and Maya.
    • The speaker explains the concept of the Mesc energy and the collective consciousness of the species expressing itself through a more Galactic form, allowing for full expression of creativity and integration into the human experience.
  • 30:40 Daily contact with extraterrestrials at Area 51, Project Blue Beam holographic technology, human evolution from tall hominids, and megalithic structures as evidence of past civilizations.
    • The speaker discusses the idea of “Skinny Bob” as a real ET delivering information to help avoid becoming the grace, and mentions Bob Lazar’s experiences with extraterrestrial and human craft at Area 51.
    • Daily contact with extraterrestrials at Area 51, with telepathic communication and increasing sightings of UFOs.
    • Project Blue Beam is a holographic projection technology that can simulate various scenarios, but the technology given to humans is often misused and only small amounts are given due to the inability to fully understand it, and many alien ships and technologies are telepathic in nature.
    • Humans have evolved from naturally muscular hominids, with some past versions being 7 to 10 feet tall, and the genetic expression of tall beings still exists in some people today.
    • The speaker discusses how certain physical and behavioral traits can give clues to someone’s earlier DNA, and mentions that certain ethnicities may express traits from past colonies or races.
    • Megalithic structures and architecture on Earth are evidence of past civilizations and colonies.
  • 41:24 People’s natural abilities will be reintroduced as technology advances, and it’s important to allow for a full physical experience while challenging old beliefs and gaining new perspectives.
    • Currently, technology limits the expression of natural abilities, but as people become more open, lost technology will be reintroduced, including vibrational technologies like sound healing, levitation, and crystals.
    • People have natural abilities that express themselves in a higher way, and it’s important to allow yourself to have a full physical experience.
    • Timing is about integration, not running away; clarify definitions and ask clear questions about connections to star systems.
    • Old beliefs are being challenged and new definitions and perspectives are being offered to gain a clearer understanding of the world.
    • The channel is able to access experiences of negativity and limitation that the speaker cannot, but the speaker can access higher vibrational states and abilities that the channel cannot.
  • 47:43 Your intention, vibration, and frequency determine your reality, interact with beings in dream states, prepare for first contact with other civilizations, and be mindful of your attitude and behaviors to create the reality you desire.
    • There are humanoid beings on other planets, but not many are actually human, and those who are have likely been born and raised on Earth.
    • Interacting with beings on ships in the dream state allows for open interactions and experiencing the frequency of “yes” can lead to a higher vibrational state.
    • Your intention, vibration, and frequency determine what you receive back in the world, so be mindful of your attitude and behaviors to create the reality you desire.
    • In dream states, the higher mind and physical consciousness experience other realities, interact with friends, and plan experiences for the physical life, with the information received translating what needs to come through.
    • Solar flares are part of an energetic upgrade process, and the consciousness of the sun is connected to the oversoul of the world, with humanity going through shifts of energetic states and needing to be more in the space of receiving and understanding.
    • Understand and be in accordance with who you are, prepare for first contact with other civilizations, allow yourself to be open to the physical world, have discernment, and be okay with people not meant to be in your life forever.


ENLIGHTENMENT – Channeling Ethium #28 (NO CAPS) – YouTube

(00:11) good day to you all how are you good day good day we are fine how are you today perfect what message do you have for us today Ethan Enlightenment the stage where you bring everything together the one thing that most people do not factor into the experience of Enlightenment is the idea of what happens after the experience of Enlightenment the idea of Buddha in your history is one of what did he do when he said I am now enlightened the understanding is that he went home and washed his bowl understanding that even if you reach the
(00:54) point of Enlightenment you still need to live a normal life a yourself to be integrated in your understanding of who you are and what you are and what you have to bring to the world Enlightenment is purely a state where you’ve lightened up on yourself you’ve acted from a state of integration and understanding of who and what you are instead of allowing yourself to be held down by your experiences by your past by your time and space that you think people did to you in your understanding because remember when we say this very
(01:29) wholeheartedly remember that many times those things that people did to you you did to them in another Incarnation they are returning the favor of the experience that you had in the other Incarnation that is being given to you it is a lesson that you chose to live out not dimming anyone not causing anyone to be in shame or pain or fear but understand that these are learning situations at all times and all places everyone that you meet is your teacher everyone that you meet is your student the process of enlightening yourself to
(02:09) the point of evolving and moving vibrationally higher to higher levels is that which allows you to lighten up on yourself and what your life has to offer look at the lessons and allow yourself to fully experience them instead of running away from them many times the anxiety that most humans I know the channel just spoke and said this out loud that the idea of the pain that you thought was causing your issue is really not it’s the fact that you are running away from your experiences of who you are and what you are and what you came
(02:47) here to experience so allow yourself to open up to the experience of Enlightenment of who you are and open up to the experience of creation and higher frequencies at all times and allow yourself to listen to the wind because many times it is saying something to you that is important thank you very much let me look uh what the audience is saying here please have some supporting comments uh diamond mind is asking got got a question what is light language ultimately the idea of light language is that which is telepathic in
(03:45) nature reality those languages that many of you speak out loud such as get many of those are just bleed over from other incarnations those themselves are not specific light languages they are languages that do exist on other planets and other civilizations but they are not necessarily light languages themselves but ultimately the True Light language that you are is light itself it is the idea of telepathy where you can harmoniously calibrate and allow yourself to be integrated into all the people around you so the idea of light
(04:25) language itself is more of an energetic place thank you and everything is made of light correct yes Therefore your experiences are made of light even the dark ones even the dark ones how real is the physical experience considering that to my understanding if we zoom in in the microscope uh zoom in and in and in on uh any object there’s nothing to be found your physical experience is an expression of an energetic state or energetic template that you have decided that you’d like to experience so the experience itself is
(05:12) only as real as you make it thank you what about the experiment where light goes in One Direction when the scientist looks at it and goes in a certain different path when the scientist looks away from it that particular experiment that explicit explicit understanding that comes from that particular understanding is more that your Consciousness has an effect on the reality that you exist in that you are experiencing because your whole reality is an extension of you you can look at every experience every person that you
(05:55) meet as an extension of your overs soul of yourself energetically and all moments is is this reality we experience a shared reality yes obviously well it could be a situation where I project my reality and the person next to me I think he’s next to me but he’s really a projection my reality as well any reality that you experience with other people or you having experiences with other people that is a census reality that is a shared reality with other people that are creating their version of you and their reality because there’s something
(06:37) that you need to reflect back to them as they need to reflect back to you in your experience thank you uh Dolores Canon spoke of the background people what what are these please this was a misunderstanding it was more of what we just spoke on the version of reality where you understand that in a movie that there are extras that fill in the space for the experience yes those extras are still you they still exists right they’re still live yes they still have their life they still go back their own experiences their own time their own
(07:25) space but they’s still an expression of you in your reality but you are choosing to have an expression a inclusion of their energy into your experience to help you grow and from their perspective they share the same reality that I share with them a slightly different reality you understand that fact that some people are colorblind correct sorry some people are what color blind yes this tells you that these people do not actually inhabit the exact same reality that you are in it’s just you are having consistent a consensus
(08:07) reality with them at that time but you are just sharing a time space with them but not necessarily in their reality I see because in their reality their reality looks like what they see thank you and is that true to all the people in my life or some people in my life that I interact with on a daily basis we share more of a closer reality well obviously if they are in your reality on a consistent basis then yes but if you are coming from the standpoint of does everyone exist in my reality no they don’t exist beyond your experience of
(08:45) them in your reality but they do exist on another level in another reality but they are sharing a consistence reality at that moment at that time with you and who you are and what you have to offer them right so it’s kind of like we’re all meeting in the computer game yes this is why many humans have been experiencing the idea of in The Matrix that idea is more from a higher perspective that they are projecting themselves into the physical reality to have the physical experience but you are in the physical experience dreaming of
(09:19) the experience of being physical because it is a Wonderful class room that you couldn’t have on the non-physical level and the spirit level thank you Val Madness wrote here how do you how do you interpret Joshua 1012 to14 in the Bible when Joshua told the Sun and the Moon to stay still in the midth of Heaven about a whole day um so that they average their so that they avenge their enemies this is an idea of a shift between realities when the idea of Shifting through particular dimensional doorways you will have time stand still because
(10:11) you are shifting frequencies to either higher or lower Dimensions you’re doing this constantly but many times these myths that you have in your history are there to teach you a particular thought process many people take these ideas way too literally your whole reality is metaphor thank you so it could it could been uh that they did have a battle and it lasted a day and it just seems like a very long day because you’re in the moment yes okay also when you are in the moment you don’t experience as much time
(10:58) right and that’s why people who are excited by what they do they always in the moment they have better healthier longer lives I would imagine yes when you are constantly in the moment you see things more clearly also things that would not be as obvious to you oh I experience my reality this way that makes sense because I am coming from a particular level it does not mean that you necessarily will always experience reality that way but just being able to stay more in the flow as it were will make it so you age
(11:30) slower will be more energetic you will need to eat less because you are taking on more of the energy from the universe right thank you uh I was listening to um a channeling of Yeshua that I listen to sometimes and Yeshua was speaking very eloquently about uh change your mind yes and then Yeshua said pay attention to your mind pay attention to which mind you’re paying attention to and what is your mind yes the idea of the universal mind the level of your physical reality pay attention to your thoughts and as to
(12:13) how you would like to experience the reality that you’re in pay attention to what is happening in your reality at all times because that will help you understand and help you be more aware of these particular things that do happen in your reality all all of the time you are an expression of it as much as your reality is an expression of you pay attention energetically because that will shift you much more rapidly than you would if you continued down the road that was more negative and that is the process of
(12:51) Enlightenment yes yes lighten up allow yourself to give yourself space to have the experiences that happen most people in your reality in your world run away from the experiences they chose right and if you face that reality that you’ll overcup your fear and you’ll make friends with it and you’ll integrated it and move on you will move more into the idea that the fear is there to teach you something instead of running away from it and not allowing it to be there for what it’s there for it will gain more of a charge around it so
(13:29) if you move to the idea of I’m not good enough well where does that come from the more you run away from it the more you deny it the more power you give to it it will Express itself more fully in your reality little more liberally than it would if you actually just looked at it and understood oh it is telling me something this is out of alignment with me so I need to understand why it’s there and who gave it to me many times when you get to the point where you see oh this do not belong to me you’ll let
(14:03) it go you’ll let it go very quickly at that thank you I I I I do find out that the process of being in a flow and letting go are are are I don’t want to say one of the same but they’re tied to each other it’s really about letting go of your ego and your emotional uh attachment to whatever and see it’s more it is more the idea you’re using the ego the physical ego the physical personality for what it was meant for instead of trying to overload it with a job that it does not actually belong to saying I need to control the
(14:40) world I need to do this I need to do that this is more of the negative ego that’s being expressed into your physical world when you use it for what is there and what is meant for it’ll go away yes thank you but you will never not have an ego as long as you are in physical reality even when you are non-physical reality you still have an ego per se but is more just to interact with other Consciousness that are roaming around right so the ego when you’re ethereal like yourself yes it’s more of a of a of a framework for a certain
(15:17) identity yes but when you are in the non-physical aspect of things you actually have access to all the different egos that you’ve ever incarnated as all the experiences that you’ve had all the different versions of reality that you’ve ever been through this is why when you are in spirit you can never really believe in most beliefs that are negative because you have access to all of your history at any time whatever you need in the moment okay um connect the dots for me please between not having us negative
(15:53) beliefs and the access to uh all the concurrent of past lives when you are in non-physical you understand this right yeah you don’t have the idea of Amnesia like you do are in the Physical Realm correct yeah so when you are in non-physical you have full access to your totality of your experience as a matter of fact you are there now yes but more of the idea is you cannot hold on to the idea of negative beliefs because you are coming from a level that does not hold on to those negative beliefs and they do not transfer into
(16:33) the non-physical experience okay thank you thank you thank you right because why how can I have negative beliefs but I can see everything and understand all experien of there it’s not just scene you understand the idea of a Life review when you transition to non-physical correct yes I heard of it yes when you are in this particular experience you feel everything become everything because everything in your reality is you so therefore you get to experience everything that you ever did to someone else as well as what they did to you and
(17:09) they also experience it when they incarnate or when they move into the non-physical experience of life and that happens during the transition yeah yes but the remember when you go into non-physical there is an acclimatization process that when you transition from the physical experience where you process and experience life one way you will experience life differently because you are on a higher level you are on a higher frequency where you can experience life where you can be 10,000 years in the future or five years in the past it doesn’t matter
(17:45) it is all simultaneously it all happens at the speed of thought right you are not your body yes thank you for the reminder um etham um yesterday I was walking with my daughter by the lake and there was very heavy fog settled there and then as we got closer it was kind of weird I don’t know if I was projecting but my phone uh beeped and a friend of mine uh said where are you and I said I’m by the lake like we’re checking out the fog and he goes get out of there that’s not a good place to be so we left but we left and then we went
(18:33) to the park set on the trees and had a wonderful time and I felt uh very good there under the tree Park but the question is was the fog any harmful or was just some fog not necessarily fog itself many times There Are Places closer to the idea of water where there are doorways where not so positive ENT entities can actually enter where if you choose to interact with them and stay in that space you will encounter something you may not necessarily like you mean beings of sorts of sorts you may have an experience on a higher
(19:14) level you may slightly shifted into another reality where time stops but also coming from a positive state that doesn’t allow you to interact with those particular beings you will not necessarily be in that state where you can actually have those interactions but understand that when you choose to stay in that area you may be choosing to have the experience with those particular beings fair enough what about all the people walking along uh the little Boardwalk by the lake seem seem completely oblivious to
(19:54) that fog well they might not necessarily be of theer reality to actually have the experience of having the fog in their reality because there are some people who have the idea of in their reality it is storming outside but there are others people that they look outside and it’s a nice breezy day not everyone’s experiencing the same kind of weather in their reality okay so the people that weren’t so uh bothered by the fog would they not interact with uh whichever energy is there well they may not necessarily be
(20:27) able to perceive it but they would still feel it they would be affected by it to an extent but not the same extent to someone who actually perceives the event that is happening I see okay thank you thank you thank you very much okay I have a question from Val madness here we go uh so Joshua’s story talks about being in the present or did Joshua actually have the ability to freeze time through some occult practice the idea of many of the occult practices as it were that you’ve been told and taught about the negative
(21:12) aspect that many of these understandings have been attributed to it is more of the idea that he’s in the present moment he is not allowing himself to go down and experience More Time by being bogged down by the idea of being in physical reality as much it is more of the idea that many of these occult practices that you are reintegrating into your Society are actually the way the atlantans were actually taught and it was handed down per se through these particular practices and it was hoarded by the few but many of these practices
(21:53) are trying to become more regular into your society as you go along on the path thank you Ethan which which practices again are you referring to here allowing yourself to be in the idea of the mystery of life allowing yourself to be in the idea of the present moment allowing yourself to be on a higher frequency instead of allowing these particular things to bog you down but also the idea of all these ult practices that you see the demon as they were more of this particular idea is just putting a negative spin on a
(22:39) particular practice that is teaching you to actually view the world differently many of these types of occult teachings the mystery schools all they were doing is trying to get you to actually think about your reality differently and understand that you create your own reality through your experiences of it it’s just there as a teaching to thank you it it it kind of Vibes to me as an infinite mirroring between myself and my reality what I perceive myself to be what I perceive my reality to be yes and and and but there’s another lay of me
(23:19) above that that sees all the realities and the me quote unquote uh bouncing and reflecting between each other yes this is your higher mind this is the higher expression of you as the physical personality right it is the person on the mountain most of these types of practices are there to get you on the mountain with that aspect of yourself to see the thing that is coming thank you well I’ve been practicing uh being on top of the mountain and uh how exciting it’s enlightening and when you go to the top of the
(24:03) mountain you lighten up every single time correct yes you do well there you go thank you very much for this teaching it’s been very very very helpful most people take life way too seriously it is not that serious as much as you think it is you are an eternal infinite being what’s your Rush yes thank you I’m I apologize for the call here okay um etham I wanted to ask you a little bit about our Galactic neighbor since you know we started our our Communications with helping uh Us in the world get get used to the imminent uh
(24:53) contact yes perhaps you can tell us a bit about our Galactic neighbors um who around who is here right now who’s uh involved in what’s going on Etc you have many different species that are here to help you through the process such as us through the Sani you have the idea of ancestors like the lens that have been around for literally millions of years they have branched off into many different versions of the particular humanoid form from their original Planet you have the idea of palladians that have joined in and have come to Earth
(25:31) many times and have interacted with your people you have idea of reptilians negative and positive you have the idea of the Grays which are mutated humans from a different version of Earth you have the idea of the maned beans The Zeta gray the from Zeta reticuli you have the idea of the anunaki but in their more evolved form as it is now the hypers sapiens the tall whites you also have the idea of many different species that do actually exist in your solar system the solar system soul is your star understand that you are interacting
(26:09) with many beings on different levels all the time it’s just being more aware of the fact that you are thank you anunaki and whites are one and the same or different they are the evolved form of the anunaki okay if I see someone who’s uh pale skin and tall can I assume they’re related to anunaki or have anunaki not necessarily remember the Anunnaki themselves were not just one species they were an amalgamation of many many many different species from different star systems that the idea of your planet is
(26:56) a offshoot of the Anunnaki themselves much in the way that humans are an offshoot of the Anunnaki the genetics that were attributed to the the anunaki like the Lan DNA the understanding that you share more in common with a cat than you do with a primate because they had Eline DNA thank you how many different DNA how many um different DN of various species are in US humans 13 13 yes would you tell me which ones the the 13 are we’ve already mentioned a few oh okay I see okay so we can assume that those names that you’ve mentioned are
(27:48) are in us in one or another way yes you are a hybrid species yes you have all the different DN in you that are expressing themselves in different way you understand that the reason why people look so different on your planet at this point is because the different DNA that has been injected into you is expressing itself through the physical forms that you see on your planet right and and uh the various races as we call it uh on Earth were they all created by anunaki yes but also the idea of Expressions over time
(28:29) in different areas of your planet brought out different portions of the DNA that was actually injected into you during the creation process of humans I see I see I see I see thank you what about the cultures or people like Aztec and Maya that seem to have disappeared the idea of the Aztec and the Maya the Maya come from a star system a few of them stayed behind and did continue to evolve into the mayin thank you okay I have a question from Matias here matthus lion question can you talk about madc and his order the IDE a of the mesc energy
(29:30) itself is more of a higher Consciousness you understand what the idea of the Christ Consciousness on your planet is yes but please explain it to us it is more of the idea of the collective consciousness of your planet the collective consciousness of your species expressing itself through a more Galactic form than it would be if you were just purely doing the human consciousness on your planet how it expresses itself through the idea of creativity and allows itself to be fully expressed through your physical form
(30:01) when you are fully expressing the idea of your creative Spirit you are tapping into the idea of the mesc frequency think of these collectives more in terms of frequency than less of the physical being of maladec the order of the maladec you are more tapping into the idea of that particular vibration and frequency that has expressed itself in the past but allowing yourself to express itself in your present so you bring it forward and bring it and allow it to integrate through your experience of being human thank
(30:40) you uh Rosemary is the black and white video of the alien on the internet referred to as skinny Bob a real ET yes yes I’ve not watched that video the idea of skinny Bob at that time your people were your governmental officials were starting to interact with beings from offworld the idea of skinny Bob himself was more of the idea that a person of the grace came forward to deliver information to help you avoid becoming the grace thank you etham are you familiar with Bob Lazar yes Bob Lazar spoke of Area 51 or
(31:36) S4 with various models of of uh saucers yes was Bob Lazar what he saw was actual uh extraterrestrial craft or human craft it was a mix it was a mix the idea that you do not have full access to our technology yet we would not give you any sort of technology that could destroy you at the time the particular technology that bobar saw you as a planet were still getting used to the idea of being able to travel we were giving you a sample of what it is like to move at a higher frequency and what kind of vehicles that
(32:21) are potentially there to be made and can exhibit different things you do have the idea of reverse engineered vehicles from our technology and other species technology that has been delivered or has been recovered by your governments but more of the idea that those ships themselves cannot travel very far they do not have the idea of being able to jump outside of your solar system thank you and to to ack knowledge it’s true to uh um some extra rest were captured and held uh deep inside Area 51 they weren’t
(33:04) held those particular be volunteered I see I did see an interview with a person uh who claimed that had uh daily contact with one of the extraterrestrials yes and they would uh suit him up and he would go and speak with the Extraterrestrial at one point uh him and the Extraterrestrial faked some kind of a fight where they’re close enough the extra extraterrestrial telepathically gave him a lot of information yes way the idea of what we are doing right now with the channel is that which we are having a telepathic conversation
(33:46) with him it’s just being expressed in time space as we do these conversations he had no idea whatsoever which I am going to say in the moment so these Expressions these information these ways of speaking that are coming through him that have become easier over time is more of the idea that he is delivering information that will help you all grow thank you etham are you aware of more uh sightings uh recently you have sightings of the time all the time many times you are do have TR sightings with ships because you
(34:36) understand that there are the idea of more and more and more sightings happening many times they are discredited they are saying is a weather balloon it is a figment of your imagination many times they are real and you are starting to see them more and more often but you are having sightings all the time the actual frequency of them is happening and accelerating at this time that’s good I heard of I believe it’s called Project Blue beam it’s basically a holographic projection and it could simulate anything from an uh
(35:10) extraterrestrial craft bombing the Earth or whatever a Disney prin is flying around yes this is reverse engineer technology of the holographic yes okay many times the technology that is delivered to humans is misappropriated and misused yes yes yes I believe raah mentioned that as well okay we only ever give you small amounts of technology to begin with because you couldn’t quite understand fully what it means to have that level of Technology yes also many of the actual ships and many of the actual Technologies
(35:58) themselves are telepathic in nature because they are more of an expression of Consciousness thank you uh Rosemary is asking who or what was the red light coming through my blinds from years ago that particular idea of understanding the idea of teleportation you caught the end have a Teleport back was she being teleported or someone else she was ah thank you uh this dude is asking what race of being is expressed as muscular in humans you do understand that you are a naturally evolved homid that has been genetically engineered correct yes
(36:58) naturally hominids themselves are quite muscular in nature but there are many other species out there that are more slim in build but you are primates in nature so you are expressing the idea of muscular builds yes and there have been many different versions of humans in the past some successful many not successful but generally speaking you Express different ideas at different points in your life as your body changes and Morse right were there humans 7 to 10 foot tall at some point yes what happened to them you understand the idea of the
(37:46) atlantian civilization yes you understand the idea of the Lans less so more of the expression of the humans in the past actually expressed themselves in this way where they were very tall where they were the expression of 9 to 10t tall on average okay thank you but you also have the stories of giants from your past correct yes yes those were them okay they did actually exist quite long in more recently into your history but they did eventually die out but their genetic still exist inside of your DNA and do Express from time to
(38:32) time in people that are quite tall so they didn’t disappear they are you I understand thank you so when I see pictures from 1800s 1850s to 1880s and once in a while you see photos of very tall people men and women those are them yes yes okay they didn’t die per but they did integrate into your genetic pool yes yes yes yes the channel himself is quite tall he does Express many of the Atlantean DNA itself through his experience experience and the expressions of his being and his physical appearance right the ability to channel
(39:19) us more says that he expresses the idea of that particular DNA through his physical appearence because he’s actually activated more his DNA to be able to have these types of connections right right right right thank you would you say that um how would I say um would you say that showing certain traits and or showing like like behavioral traits or physical um could give Clues to someone’s earlier uh DNA yes would you would you say that um certain people maybe Asian people would they have like eyes that maybe
(40:14) more like grayish like they could have more gray DNA the idea of that particular ethnicity among your race is more of the idea of there was once upon a time a a colony that was rooted in that area and did breed into the population so they express more of those particular looks a colony of Grays or different race different race I see your world has been quite heavily colonized in the past yes we are finding out now yes you find many megalithic structures all over your planet yes you find architecture that has never been possible in your
(41:10) recollection of time yes these are hints of what used to be there yes yes yes thank you many of the structures that come from those particular civilizations and those colonies the reason why you can’t make them currently today is because you do not have the technology that allows you to do those things yes as many people that are expressing themselves more openly in this world today they will bring forward technology that has been lost and reestablish it in your Society thank you and there would be um various
(41:54) vibrational Technologies I assume yes sound uh healing frequencies crystals levitation levitation many of the ideas of what you call mutants what you call superhumans are more natural expressions of what is possible when you go to higher frequencies very good thank you and you think we’ll see some of that coming up yes there are expressions of people exhibiting quite supernatural abilities according to you but more are the natural abilities of those people that Express themselves in a higher way yes fair enough thank you I have a few more
(42:44) questions here in the chat if that’s okay yes all right Val Madness etham could you tell me the name of my star in the sky your star is soul if you were seeing referring to different stars that you might have been incarnated around as a human you’ve only ever been on this planet as the idea of a soul a higher Consciousness a higher for non-energetic non-physical form you come from everywhere but just allow these particular Expressions to happen so you can express more naturally the abilities that come from those Stars
(43:29) it’s not about making yourself be from the Stars you physically are from Earth it is okay do not run away from the experience because there are many things that you would miss out if you don’t allow yourself to be physical have yourself have a full physical experience thank you thank you thank you thank you the idea of this timing is not about running away from anything you are are in the idea of integration as to your experience of Earth yes yeah I mean that’s yeah that is that is it you are more trying to express the
(44:17) particular vibration of those Stars it would be more applicable to say what incarnations am I connected to which star systems am I connected to that would be more applicable right but you are from Earth yes thank you clarify your definitions and clarify what you are saying when you give a more clear question a clear answer will come many of the themes and many of the ideas that you are expressing as questions are actually merely very outd beliefs that have persisted in your reality and in your cultures around your
(45:03) world for many years because that is the only way that you know how to express those things but at this time as the Bashar as many other channels many other conduits are being active at this time we are giving you new definitions and new ways to look at these things to get a more clear understanding as to what is out there thank you that’s a good way to put it we’re not here to rule you we’re not here to dominate to we do not want to be worshiped we are people inside of creation we just have a higher
(45:40) perspective that is all we cannot experience the idea of negativity in the way that you do that is why I am incarnated through the H the channel in front of you he has the experience and has experienced the idea of negativity through many lifetimes that I never could so you can access that experience through the other expression of you which is the channel yes and can the channel access your experiences as well yes but to a more limited extent because he cannot shift in the way that I do into being causing physical he may have a hint of that
(46:30) experience but he does not fully have that experience at this time because it is not relevant and he is not physically able to fully access all of my abilities he has some of them and he’s been shown some of them but in reality he can never fully access the totality of what I am able to bring forward understood thank you understand that the idea of certain Expressions can only happen at higher frequency at higher levels at higher vibrational states that you cannot fully Express in the physical form right it’s not a good or bad thing
(47:06) it’s just that here in the physical form we can do certain things it cannot do others yes I do not experience the idea of limitation like the channel does but he has been able to transform the idea of limitation to be able to fully Express himself more openly yeah and and uh to light to lighten it up as we said earlier uh one we can also experience ice cream at midnight which could be absolutely amazing yes yes okay eth them are there are there other humans on other planets right now some not very many you are at a point in
(47:51) your history where it is more applicable to have everyone here to be able to go through the process that we are going through right now there are some but there are not very many out there what you might perceive as human aren’t actually human they’re humanoid but they are not human right so there would be a different race yes and when we say humans on other outside of the planet are there born and raised here and they know that they just took a vehicle somewhere yes many of you do actually go on our ships quite often but in a more
(48:30) energetic state in the dream state yes okay but we interact with you in that state because we know it is just as applicable for us to have the experience as it is for you it is a way for us to have the interactions more openly than you could in your physical world in a way that would be blocked by the beliefs of what is possible Right In The End IES the the the frequency yes Ethan the other um I spent the weekend with my daughter which was lovely yes and once in a while I I could really sense I don’t know if I could say
(49:10) that but I do sense her vibration it’s so high and elating yes and um it made me remember I I remember that you said that you know if if we met you we wouldn’t be able to uh absorb uh all your energy and and just that little energy that came from my daughter kind of reminded me that because it was so pure and so high it was quite a bit actually this is actually the expression that you as humans actually should aspire to to live full fully and more naturally in your experience of who you are yes and your children are your
(49:50) teachers yes yes my daughter and I spent probably a couple hours yesterday on the magnific magnificent maple tree and many others yes and he was uh the most wonderful experience just to sit there in the park and draw a little bit yes you were being naturally yourself yes so you’re experiencing the expression of what you were experiencing in that moment yes thank you when we say the word yes often it is there to get you into the vibrational state of yes saying yes to your life yes to your experience of who you are and what you have to offer the
(50:36) frequency of yes is that which is open to more of who you are yes absolutely and I tell you on on my other YouTube channel called the house of dust if anyone wants to look it up there’s a video from Bernie man and I it’s maybe a minute and a half long I interview this lady and she tells me this story how for one day she decided to say yes to everything and she had the most magical Day Ever yes yes it is a higher vibrational State and the idea of what your intention is when you say the word yes you can come from a very high
(51:15) state which is yes or you come from a low State yes which one is honest and which one is dishonest about who you are and what you want do well the the the higher one is is is the honest one yes but you can also make the idea of yes can make you laugh by looking at someone just going yes true or [Laughter] yes it all matters what intention you have in your experience what vibration and frequency you’re putting out to the world because that will be reflected back to you in due time it may not be right away because there is a lag in the time space
(52:03) of physical reality but you will receive back to those things that you actually put out into the world what you put out is what you get back ABS teach others as you like to be treated it’s all the same it just said in many different forms the idea of the golden rule is there for a reason it has been passed down for thousands and thousands of years for a reason because it is there to teach you you are the Crea of your reality so therefore the expression and the energy that you receive back is an expression of you it
(52:36) is the vibration that you put out into the world if you do not like what you receive back look at your attitude and also your behaviors absolutely respond versus react yes yes allow yourself to not be in such a reactive state where you can be open to more of your experiences yes thank you and we’ve had some yes on on the screen earlier some yes responses yes we’re not here to scold you like children you are not children we are here to help guide you as a loving parent would but we are not here to scold you for having the
(53:23) physical experience or to shame you or to put you in a state of guilt because you do that to yourselves quite nicely already thank you that’s true yes [Laughter] yes Delores cornea are humans being teleported through time for extended lengths of time and return in a single night well the idea of time is not what you think it is the idea of being teleported through time is more of the idea of you’re teleporting your Consciousness not your physical body a lot of times sometimes your physical body is taken there are the idea of the
(54:03) hybridization process the process of implantation and examination but more of the idea that you’re shifting to another real that was your past your future thank you Rosemary I was in a UFO space pod flying in dream state years ago and came across an abandoned Planet seen in old amusement park I found it very emotional what was that about the idea that you have had other incarnations you had shifted yourself to that expression of that being because those particular entities that you are interacting with quite
(54:56) often take you to Worlds where there used to be people because many times there are physical planets that have been abandoned because they are no longer inhabitable you were seeing one of these worlds I see thank you but you were more in the more in the state of your Consciousness that was expressing itself and laying the sending information back to you the particular experience and that is how it translated into your physical experience thank you Ethan would you say that in that dream state where I experience another reality whether I’m
(55:40) on UFO or just flying above the park is it my higher mind that has experienced that yes and also your physical Consciousness because many times those beings that you actually interact with on those levels are friends and they do want to come say hi and invite you to go on adventures right what exactly happens in the dream state many things and anything you can possibly think of and many things you can’t think of so you are seeing family members you are seeing old friends that you know in other incarn you are having planning sessions that
(56:31) you’re saying I would like to have this experience in my physical life because I think it would help me be better instead of having an NDA where you potentially die and have a more challenging lesson after that particular type of situation so it’s like a little death you can jump out and do a few things and then come back yes instead of fully having to reboot yourself like in a inde near-death experience right you’re just having some time to make a planning session or go to another world right or
(57:06) go to another reality entirely it’s just you may not necessarily be able to have the experience or remembrance of these particular times and spaces and realities because your mind couldn’t necessarily handle it so be okay with not necessarily knowing but understand that the information that you receive from those particular types of experiences we’ll translate what needs to come through you may not necessarily have a full memor of the full experience but you will know what you need to know in the
(57:37) moment right that makes sense thank you Ethan we’ve had quite a few solar flares recently and and I I’ve learned that they’re actually there’s some system to grade them and apparently they’re quite intense yes what you can tell me about these uh few recent solar flares we went through you’re going through the IDE of an upgrade you are being blasted with energy from your star Soul you going through the energetic process of going to higher frequencies and these solar flares will continue for
(58:19) sometime you understand that there are seasons when it comes to your star inside your system where it sends off more of these kind of storms there is weather in outer space remember this right raah mentioned uh to Don Elkins uh that this the the Sun the soul is uh the logos it’s it’s a Consciousness or subconsciousness of the Galaxy if I recall Could you teach me about about that a little bit please about the consciousness of the sun one moment we are facilitating a shift at this time to the being you
(59:06) refer to as raw thank you one moment I am raw the idea of the central Sun the central connection is that which expresses through all physical forms in your reality I am raw thank you raw what is the logos what is the consciousness of the Sun and where does it get it from I am wrong much in the way that you express yourself as the physical experience the oversoul of Your World of your system is that which is expressed itself through your star I am wrong thank you ra how many overs Souls Express themselves as the sun one or
(1:00:13) more I am raw one thank you raw are we all connected to that oversaw I am raw yes you are all the expressions of the one I am raw thank you raw what is the physicality of the sun I am raw the idea of the expression of the star that you circle is that which expresses itself in higher Dimensions beyond what you can physically experience as humans I am wrong thank you ra would the sun have any messages for us at this point I am raw your expressions of humanity are going through shifts of energetic States your energetic States and
(1:01:19) physical States will soon match that particular state of being that is in accordance with the particular vibration of higher States I am raw thank you ra my last question for you is there anything that we can do to prepare ourselves for these changes I am raw allowing yourself to be more in the space of receiving and understanding instead of needing to be other than what you are I am Raw thank you very much ra I have no further questions the idea that we share with you today at this time is to understand and be in more accordance with who you
(1:02:12) are and what you are your full being will Express itself as you move through the upgrades that is coming to your system at this time understand that you have friends out there you have family out there you have the expression of more of yourself in the stars but that is not the idea of being here this time you all will go through the expression of first Contact open contact with other civilizations beyond the Earth realm but give yourself time and space to be okay with the experience because it will be quite jarring to start with
(1:02:51) but then at a certain point you will reach the point of being able to physically connect to more of yourself remember all these things do come in stages that happen at the right Tim me if you force them to ever happen they will take much much longer be in the Flow State and allow yourself to be fully committed to being open to the physical world and how it it express itself allow yourself to have discernment in all times and all places with all people know what is right for you what is right for other people and
(1:03:28) understand that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever and be okay with that but at the same time do not allow yourself to be hurt by the people that are not meant to be there forever thank you very much for today we B you a good day good day

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