LET IT BE OBVIOUS – Channeling Ethium #26

Self-awareness and personal growth

Ethium emphasizes the importance of allowing things to be obvious in various aspects of life.

•   It suggests that confusion and barriers arise when individuals act from a place of not wanting to confront their true selves.
•   Being fully engaged in oneself allows for a deeper connection with others and clearer understanding of one's inner and outer worlds.
•   Honesty with oneself is key to recognizing recurring themes and patterns in life, leading to growth and self-awareness.
•   The channeling encourages simplicity in communication and learning, suggesting that basic understanding eventually leads to more complex insights.

24-Point Summary

The title of the discourse is “LET IT BE OBVIOUS – Channeling Ethium #26.”

The message is delivered by an entity named Ethium, directed towards someone named Ethan (note – the Ai is wrong here – Ai cannot distinguish Jozef from Ethium).

Ethium urges embracing clarity and obviousness in various facets of life, including expectations, sensibilities, and interactions.

Humans often act from confusion or avoidance, which creates barriers within themselves and in their connections with others.

By acknowledging and accepting what is obvious, individuals can remove these barriers and engage more fully with themselves and others.

The discourse emphasizes the importance of being present and fully engaged in every moment of life.

It suggests that true engagement with oneself allows for a deeper understanding of one’s identity and the ability to connect authentically with others.

Ethium mentions the example of identifying a blockage in the crown chakra as a result of clear observation and self-awareness.

Ethan seeks advice on how to be more in the flow and open to receiving obvious insights.

Ethium advises paying attention to personal illusions and delusions, advocating for honesty and self-integration.

The discourse discusses the tendency to overcomplicate things due to pain or ego, hindering growth and understanding.

Ethium highlights the importance of discerning recurring themes and patterns in life, indicating areas for self-reflection and growth.

It suggests that honesty with oneself leads to clarity and understanding of one’s needs and limitations.

The conversation shifts to discussing synchronicities and alignments in life, emphasizing the importance of being attuned to such signs.

Ethium encourages letting go of toxic relationships and allowing natural endings to occur when necessary.

It suggests that endings often present themselves naturally when individuals are attuned to their intuition.

Ethan shares a personal example of being honest with oneself about a past experience, highlighting the importance of integrity.

Ethium expands on the concept of Ascension and individual growth, stressing the importance of self-discovery and authenticity.

The discourse touches on the idea of accessing past experiences and knowledge beyond physical existence.

It emphasizes simplicity in communication and learning, suggesting that foundational understanding leads to deeper insights.

The conversation ends with a discussion about vibration levels, flow states, and communication through crop circles.

Ethium acknowledges the increasing depth of their conversations with Ethan as he becomes more receptive to their frequency.

The discourse concludes with mutual gratitude and farewell.

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