Pele, Hybrid Children, Shalanaya, Worthiness, Billionaires – Channeling Ethium #15

Insights about setting intentions, worthiness, and the future of humanity are shared in a channeling session with Ethium.

– 🌟 Setting intentions is like a marker or rudder, guiding the universe to manifest your desires.

– 🙌 Understanding worthiness is essential for attracting positive experiences and opportunities.

– 🌍 The future may bring about the birth of a hybrid named Pele, leading to a mass awakening and integration into human society.

– 💬 Telepathic abilities and the integration of hybrids into human society are discussed.

– 🔮 The process of detoxifying from beliefs and issues is leading to a rise in frequency and a release of sickness in individuals.

Self-worth and empowerment

  • 🌪️ Intentions act as a rudder in the energetic storm of life, guiding you towards the manifestation of your dreams and goals.
  • 😳 Many humans bring shame and have been taught to have shame around the idea of Aging yeah when in reality your true core being never changes yeah.
  • 🔒 Believing you’re unworthy of love and a good life gives control over yourself to others.
  • 🌍 Worthiness plays a crucial role in the ability to partner with Channel and share understanding with the world.
  • 💰 When you stop coming from the world in the viewpoint of fear, you will stop needing to hoard money because you will realize that there’s more than enough for everyone.
  • 🧠 Telepathic connection and intuition are the natural birthright and gift of civilization.

Future evolution and hybrid children

  • 🌍 Pele is part of the generation that will eventually be running and guiding the world down a path of inclusion and cohesion.
  • 🧬 The breeding of hybrids with humans is seen as the next stage in human evolution.
  • 👽 The hybrid children that will eventually come to live on Earth will look more or less human with some larger eyes and slightly larger heads due to integrating DNA from other places around the universe within their alliance.
  • 👽 The idea of future incarnations as hybrid beings with recollections of other lives and simultaneous telepathic abilities is mind-blowing.
  • 🌌 The hybrid children will have stronger versions of human DNA, leading to unique and striking physical appearances, sometimes almost completely human in nature.
  • 🌍 Hybrid children have a lifespan of 200-300 years, while future humans with advanced technology may live up to 150 years.

Discussion Points

  • Setting intentions: The conversation highlights the importance of setting clear intentions to manifest desired outcomes in life, acting as a guiding rudder in the energetic stream of the universe.
  • Flexibility in manifestation: While setting intentions is crucial, it’s emphasized that one should remain flexible as circumstances may change, and manifestations may not occur exactly as envisioned.
  • Self-worth and manifestation: Emphasis is placed on understanding one’s worthiness irrespective of external outcomes or societal conditioning, as worthiness is inherent in existence itself.
  • Integration of hybrid children: Discussion revolves around the integration of hybrid children into society, highlighting their unique genetic makeup and the gradual integration process into human culture.
  • Spiritual awakening and societal shifts: The conversation touches on themes of spiritual awakening, the shedding of societal conditioning, and the importance of embracing one’s true self to facilitate personal and collective evolution.

Intentions, worthiness, and the evolution of humanity towards a more inclusive and cohesive world are crucial in guiding the manifestation of dreams and goals, as well as the potential future integration of hybrid beings with advanced abilities and longer lifespans.

  • 00:00 🌌 Set clear intentions, take action, and believe in your worthiness to manifest your dreams and live a fulfilling life.
    • Set clear intentions for the life you want to live, allowing the universe to guide you in manifesting your dreams, while remaining open to adjustments and changes along the way.
    • Set intentions by taking action, as action is the language of physical reality, and it is what allows you to reach a certain level in life.
    • Setting energetic attention can manifest experiences, and if intentions don’t manifest, it may still guide you in that direction without needing to physically manifest.
    • Reality needs to manifest as it needs to, not as you want it to, and there are experiences that can only be had in physical life, not in non-physicality.
    • Self-worth, guilt, and shame are taught to humans, but the key to healing is self-forgiveness and compassion.
    • Believing in your worthiness is important and imprinted on Western culture, and it makes it easier for others to control you, but you are worthy no matter what.
  • 09:41 👽 Your worthiness allows you to align with your mission and connect with higher beings, but fear and control from governing bodies and corporations can hinder this process.
    • Your worthiness allows you to have experiences and align with your mission, which can change in different realities.
    • The speaker discusses the process of raising one’s frequency to connect with higher beings and the theme of worthiness.
    • During dream time, individuals are more open to larger aspects of themselves and experiences that they cannot comprehend in their conscious state due to being at higher frequencies and having less resistance.
    • During sleep, interactions with non-physical aspects of oneself occur more frequently due to the absence of the physical mind and ego.
    • Large governing bodies and corporations use fear and control to influence people to believe they are not worthy of their dreams.
  • 17:08 💡 Society needs to move away from current governance systems and allow old systems to fall away in order to create new ones without causing instant breakdown, while billionaires have the power to build new systems and governances that cannot be controlled by the masses.
    • Society needs to move away from current governance systems and allow old systems to fall away in order to create new ones without causing instant breakdown.
    • In Ontario, there are around 300 farmers where people can buy grass-fed organic beef directly, which would solve a lot of logistical and vibrational problems with food sourcing.
    • Money will continue to exist in various forms, including digital coins and cryptocurrencies, but ultimately it represents personal wealth.
    • The amount of wealth certain individuals have is necessary to undo systems that have imprisoned people and stopped them from living, and when people stop coming from a viewpoint of fear, they will realize there is more than enough for everyone.
    • Billionaires have the power to build new systems and governances that cannot be controlled by the masses, and while platforms like YouTube allow for free speech, they are private companies with guidelines for broadcasting.
  • 24:13 👽 Hybrid children, including Pelle, will integrate into human society, helping to awaken telepathic abilities and improve the human race.
    • Pelle, a hybrid being, will be born through a human mother in a few years, and the hybrid children, who are already born, will eventually integrate into human society.
    • Hybrid children can stop at certain ages to interact with specific people on Earth, have the ability to teleport, and the significance of Pelle in history is discussed.
    • The birth of the volcano represents the rebirth of the human species and will help people awaken their heart and develop telepathic connections.
    • Many people have the potential for telepathic abilities, which can be awakened and strengthened with guidance, and a hybrid child named Pele will eventually be born to help guide the world towards inclusion and cohesion.
    • Hybrid children will eventually become the population of the planet and will integrate into society to help improve the genes and evolve the human race.
    • Hybrid children from other planets will eventually come to live on Earth, looking more or less human with some differences, and will consume food from their planets that will be nutritious for them.
  • 37:43 👽 Hybrid children with modified internal organs and abilities will integrate into our world, participate in activities, and become part of our history.
    • Hybrid children have similar internal organs to humans but with modifications, varying in height and weight, and possessing different abilities due to integrating DNA from different species.
    • Future incarnations may be hybrid civilizations that carry some of our genes, with the hybrids having recollections of other lives and simultaneous telepathic abilities to see other versions of Earth.
    • Hybrid children will integrate into our world, participate in sports and activities, and become part of our history.
  • 42:25 👽 Pele’s energy is being manifested, hybrid children are integrating into society, and humans may have a lifespan of 150 years with advanced technology.
    • Pele’s energy is being brought forward into the world to manifest her into reality and carry the energy of Hawaii’s heart chakra.
    • The speaker discusses the emergence of a new hybrid race, the integration of hybrid children into society, and the idea of Earth humans.
    • Shala beings have a significant amount of human DNA, along with DNA from beings from Sirius, the Arcturus vibration, Palladian DNA, and a few reptilian races, resulting in unique and striking physical appearances.
    • Humans born today may have a lifespan of 150 years with advanced technology, and the integration of new technologies into the world should happen gradually.
  • 49:09 🔮 Releasing negative beliefs and unworthiness raises frequency, determining worth and attracting higher vibrations, knowing your worth attracts better life experiences.
    • Many people are getting sick because they are releasing negative beliefs and unworthiness, raising their frequency and coming into contact with higher vibrations.
    • The process of going through different experiences and stages is necessary to determine one’s worth and who they want to be, with the ultimate goal of reaching a higher vibration.
    • The speaker discusses the idea of worth and why people attract the same kind of relationships and interactions in their lives.
    • Know your worth and believe that you are worthy of a better life experience.
    • Your energy attracts what matches your vibration, your reality reflects how you perceive yourself, and you are constantly connected to your higher mind and Source, so don’t argue with creation or your worthiness.
  • 55:55 🌟 Raise your frequency, live honestly, and be yourself to prepare for what’s to come.

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