Kenneth Fuller Interview – healer, body worker, channeler

Kenneth Fuller shares about his upbringing in a dysfunctional family, depressions and escape since childhood, and, how all depression and mental issues went away. In the second part, you can watch Kenneth channels Ethium, an Essassani ET 👽


Key Points

Personal Growth and Healing

🧠 Most people stop developing in their late teens or early 20s and don’t push beyond who they believe they are.

😡 Conflict is inevitable, but moving past the pain and anger is essential for personal growth.

🔮 The past can set you up through your entire life because they’re a lesson that you need to learn.

🌈 Personal growth and healing can come from understanding different perspectives and practicing forgiveness.

🧘‍♂️ Your inner vibration and the things you hold onto will ultimately shape your outer world.

🌌 The ability to let go of internal blockages through meditation is a powerful tool for personal growth and healing.

Channeling and Higher Consciousness

🌌 The ability to channel can become a natural state with practice and adjustments on both the channeler’s and the entity’s side.

👽 The being that channels is not human and has their own life, serving as an intermediary to bring different beings through to deliver messages.

🌟 Connecting to everything as energy, tapping into the energetic state for healing and body work.

🌌 The idea of contact with extraterrestrial beings is not just physical, but also involves the emergence of more channels and individuals connecting with higher consciousness.

🌌 Alien beings see us as family and view themselves as our ancestors, creating a unique connection and sense of kinship.

Mental Health and Self-Acceptance

🌱 He discusses the process of forgiveness and moving past the point of chronic depression, emphasizing the importance of mental stability in his life now.

🔮 The power of self-acceptance and understanding that it’s okay to just be yourself, despite what others may have told you.

🧠 Depression can trap a person in the past, preventing them from being present and energetically behind everyone around them.

There are individuals who have the ability to channel energy and non-human beings, and that aliens and hybrids are living on Earth, with open contact with governments and the public expected around 2027.

Ai Summary

There are individuals who have the ability to channel energy and non-human beings, and that aliens and hybrids are living on Earth, with open contact with governments and the public expected around 2027.

  • 🗣️ Overcoming chronic depression, escaping from reality, and getting stuck in development due to unresolved issues.
  • The speaker discusses experiencing chronic depression from a young age due to his parents’ split, but was able to break through and move past it, reaching a stable point in his life mentally.
  • Many people hide away from the world by immersing themselves in video games or computers as a way to avoid dealing with life.
  • Men have been made to feel worthless and evil, leading some to escape into a world where they can be themselves without judgment.
  • Being told that who you are is wrong can lead to escaping from reality, but it’s important to come to terms with and accept yourself.
  • The speaker discusses how they struggled with healing and moving on from depression, and how dwelling on the problem can trap a person in the past.
  • People often get stuck in their development at a certain age due to unresolved issues, preventing them from moving forward.

  • 🌟 You can shift to different versions of yourself, facing and learning from past experiences allows for personal growth and reconciliation, and entering a meditative state can be natural and beneficial.
  • You are constantly shifting to other realities and versions of yourself, and it’s okay to feel pain and anger as part of the human experience.
  • Repeated abuse can lead to emotional and physical stagnation, but facing and learning from the experience is necessary for personal growth.
  • The longer you invalidate your pain, the longer you will be stuck in that moment, but finally getting it enables you to not be depressed anymore.
  • The speaker reconciled with their father after years of estrangement, leading to forgiveness and a positive relationship.
  • Realizing and forgiving past experiences allows for a shift to a different reality and letting go of baggage, ultimately matching inner vibration with outer world frequency.
  • The speaker discusses how he naturally developed the ability to enter a meditative state and offers advice on how others can do the same.

  • 🔮 Kenneth Fuller channels energy and non-human beings, discussing the natural ability to be a channel and the experience of acting as an intermediary for messages.
  • Kenneth Fuller was found through a search for Bashar videos, and he started channeling on top of Bashar after being able to let go of internal blockages through meditation.
  • The speaker describes their experience of channeling energy and how it has become a natural state for them.
  • Allowing oneself to be a channel for energy to flow through, whether it be through vocal, auditory, or sensory means, is a natural ability that requires relaxation and letting go of control.
  • The speaker discusses his experience with channeling and acting as an intermediary for non-human beings to deliver messages.
  • The speaker discusses a channeler named Etham who is part of the Sani civilization and acts as a clarifier for people.

  • 👽 Kenneth Fuller is a hybrid with the ability to shift between physical and non-physical states, discussing healing abilities through channeling and the challenges of accessing nutritious food.
  • He is a quasi-physical human hybrid with a physical body and the ability to shift between physical and non-physical states, located near the North Pole and resembling a little alien with blonde hair, pale skin, and eyes that change between bright blue, gold, and the universe.
  • The speaker discusses the expression of the universe through physicality and the transfer of abilities through channeling.
  • The speaker discusses their ability to heal through body work and channeling, being able to touch people and make ailments disappear, such as tumors and diabetes symptoms.
  • The speaker learned to connect energetically at a young age, exploring telepathy with animals and easily connecting to nature.
  • The speaker believes that most of the food in the states is not good for you and that nutritious food is expensive, making it difficult to justify spending more on it.

  • 👽 Aliens and hybrids are living on Earth, with ships appearing more frequently as we approach open contact around 2027.
  • The Grays are a hybrid species created by aliens from a parallel reality who tunneled into other realities to find viable human DNA in order to continue their civilization.
  • The speaker discusses different races of aliens and hybrids living on Earth and their potential impact on human civilization.
  • Aliens are present in a separate reality, past the point of injecting people with alien babies, and are now focused on acclimating and abducting people to create hybrid children.
  • Ships are appearing more frequently because we are approaching the window of open contact, which will culminate around 2027, and there is an increase in channels and the idea of contact is right now.

  • 🔮 Channeling higher level beings’ energy can physically shift a room, connecting with spirits can be overwhelming but gets easier with practice, real UFOs are multi-dimensional and fuzzy in appearance.
  • The increase in open contact with higher level beings is meant to spread information and prepare more people for contact, as channeling their energy can physically shift the energy in a room.
  • Channeling and connecting with spirits can be overwhelming and initially made the speaker feel like they were going crazy, but it has become easier with practice.
  • The speaker consulted with someone about their experiences and was reassured that it was real and worth continuing.
  • Alien beings see humans as family and ancestors, and there is a law of non-intervention preventing direct influence on humans.
  • Real UFOs can be distinguished from reverse-engineered ones by their multi-dimensional nature and fuzzy appearance in photos, indicating a shift in and out of our reality.

  • 👽 Beings in multi-dimensional dimensions will have open contact with governments, recent hearings in Congress showed people are not freaking out, media shapes reality as propaganda.
  • Beings live in multi-dimensional dimensions and have understanding and expression through their technology, with a mention of a Swiss German man who took pictures of different crafts and had attempts on his life.
  • Governments are being told that extraterrestrials will be in open contact, and the recent hearings in Congress showed that people are not freaking out about the idea.
  • Media shapes our reality and can be used as a form of propaganda to control the masses energetically.

  • 🗣️ Channeler brings in a friend to speak after meditating.

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