Global Events, Longevity, Unity, High Vibration and Miami Mall Aliens -Channeling Ethium 👽 (#10)

Brilliant & packed session with Ethium 👽 (Essessani ET) – channeled by Kenneth Fuller and moderated by Jozef.

Exploring various topics such as cold weather, transition, belief systems, human-alien interactions, food, lucid dreaming, and more through a channeling session with Ethium who is channeled by Kenneth Fuller.

#### Highlights –

👽 Ethium discusses the impact of cold weather on collective solitude, conscious awareness, and observing beliefs. –

🌍 Insights into global events, societal transition, media evolution, and consequences of shifting to higher frequencies are shared. –

💭 The channel provides guidance on lucid dreaming, extraterrestrial interactions, and the role of nature in maintaining high vibrations. –

🦆 Encountering ducks and a coyote at a park prompts discussion about animal messages and self-reflection in mirrors. –

🧠 Various mental and emotional practices are recommended for maintaining high levels of consciousness and connection with nature.

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