Seth Speaks - Channeled by Jane Roberts

Seth Speaks – The Ghost Who Spoke!

Seth is an entity that was channeled by Jane Roberts in the early 1970’s. Seth Speaks is the book created of the channeling. The book was initially published in 1972. The Seth sessions happened in the “Seth House”, where a small dedicated group gathered to learn the essence of Seth’s teachings. Jane would channel, and her husband Robert would scribe.

For context, the Seth Material is precursor to the Ra Material which was channeled by Carla, Don and Jim in 1981-1983. The Seth material had to come first, as it reveals information that needs to be known prior to diving into the Ra info. So, does that means that Seth and Ra know each other? I bet they do – in some realms.

Next after Seth and Ra came Abraham, also known as Abraham Hicks. Abraham is a collective voice that speaks through Esther Hicks (and some say others) – for about 30 years now, to this day.

Josef is another entity that is currently channeled by Cindy Edison. Josef’s teachings combine, according to Josef, the teachings of Seth and Abraham. You can find Josef here. Now that you’ve got the “cosmic lineage”, let’s dive into Seth:

Seth Speaks - Channeled by Jane Roberts

Seth’s Core Teachings:

The Soul is Eternal. You create your own reality by projecting your thoughts on the world around you. Physical bodies come and go (=incarnation), yet the essence of what is “you” stays forever, endlessly learns and evolves.

Seth’s language is colourful and perhaps sarcastic at times. Seth got quite a bit of a dark sense of humor, which makes it at times entertaining and at times terrifying listening to his story.

Jane Roberts in trance, channeling Seth, 1960’s or 1970’s.

Where to Find The Seth Material?

You can see a full length video of the Set Material here.

Watch videos of Jane Roberts channeling Seth at The Seth House here.

Until Seth Do Us Apart by the NYT

The Seth Material Index:

00:00:00 Chapter 1 – I do not have a physical body

00:26:30 Chapter 2 – My present environment

00:55:09 Chapter 3 -My work and the dimensions of reality in which it takes me

01:25:35 Chapter 4 – Reincarnational dramas

01:54:38 Chapter 5 – Thoughts form matter

02:13:07 Chapter 6 – The soul and the nature of it’s perception

02:44:46 Chapter 7 – The potentials of the soul

03:08:32 Chapter 8 – Sleep, dreams, and consciousness

03:32:26 Chapter 9 – The death experience

04:10:40 Chapter 10 – Death conditions in life

04:38:05 Chapter 11 – After death choices and the mechanics of transition

05:18:09 Chapter 12 – Reincarnational relationships

05:44:16 Chapter 13 – Reincarnation, dreams, and the hidden male and female within the self

06:13:13 Chapter 14 – Stories of the beginning and the multi-dimensional god

06:33:09 Chapter 15 – Reincarnational civilisations

06:58:56 Chapter 16 – Probable systems, men, and gods

07:24:48 Chapter 17 – Probabilities, the nature of good and evil and religious symbolism

07:58:22 Chapter 18 – Various stages of consciousness, symbolism, and multiple focus

08:31:35 Chapter 19 – Alternate presence and multiple focus

09:10:59 Chapter 20 – The meaning of religion

09:52:20 Chapter 21 – A goodbye and an introduction

What Are Your Thoughts on Seth?

What have you learned from Seth? How did The Seth Material affected your life?

Please share your learnings in the comments below.

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