Med Beds, Holograms & Dragons – Ethium 👽 #5

Part One

Key insights

  • 🤯Ethium experiences all transmissions and connections in one continuous stream, without the need for a difference in vibrational coordinates.
  • 🔮The gravitational field is the side effect of the energetic state of the planet that holds you down into the experience of being physical.
  • 🌌Transition from physical to non-physical existence is experienced as a shifting through billions of parallel realities per second.
  • 🧬You can experience more of the integration of your higher mind into your physical life, living more present in the current moment.
  • 🌟”By allowing yourself to live in the present, by allowing yourself to follow your excitement, by allowing yourself to follow your bliss and understand that those ebbs and flows are the things that are guiding you down the path you need to take.”
  • 🌍You humans are much larger than you realize, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • 🌌You are here on purpose, there was no accident in your creation.

Part 2 – available free at

Dragon Energy is channeled at the very end of this segment! It’s wild.

Part Two is available free of charge in the Ethium 👽 course page


Key insights

  • 🧠 The idea of compassion for those who have gone through difficult experiences, even if you haven’t, is a powerful lesson in forgiveness and empathy.
  • 🌌 You have guides from other planets and other lifetimes, guiding you down a road that you would not have otherwise taken.
  • 👽 The guides are higher minds of my friends that could have been physical at some points people or beings that I know.
  • 🙏 The satisfaction and fulfillment of being activated and aware of the activation to help others is invaluable and deeply fulfilling.
  • 🌌 The concept of receiving messages from ancestors through channeling opens up discussions about spirituality and the afterlife.
  • 🔮 The gift of a device to see your full history with teachings and understandings from extraterrestrials will revolutionize our understanding of history and human experience.
  • 👽 The understanding and familiarity with advanced technologies will prevent us from destroying ourselves and allow us to embrace and benefit from their presence in the future.
  • 🌍 The end of the time period where war and pain are so thoroughly in our reality is approaching.

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