Integration – Channeling Ethium #19

Personal Transformation and Integration

  • 🔑 The principles that hold you back are often the aspects of yourself that you have been told are evil or disgusting, but integrating them can lead to personal transformation.
  • 🌌 Integration into different aspects of yourself happens throughout your lifetime, allowing you to become a new being at all times.
  • 🌱 The idea of forgiveness and radical self-acceptance can lead to a complete and utter acceptance of who and what you are, knowing that nothing you have to offer is worthless.
  • 🧬 You are not your ancestors, just as you are not the version of yourself in a past incarnation, even if you have a memory or connection to that particular event.
  • 🌟 Forgiving yourself for something you never did and allowing events to integrate into you can inform your decisions but no longer color how you feel when you interact with others.
  • 🌌 Integration allows us to let go of the weight of negative beliefs and be fully present in every moment, freeing us from the past.

Spiritual Evolution and Shifting Timelines

  • 🛸 The increase in sightings of disappearing ships is a sign of shifting to higher frequencies, while those who don’t want to shift don’t perceive these things.
  • 🌞 The solar flare is reflective of an upgrade of you energetically as beings on a planet.
  • 🌍 The evolution of humanity includes a spiritual uplift that was unimaginable decades ago.
  • 🌀 Shifting timelines is a concept that challenges our traditional linear view of time and reality, opening up the possibility of multiple potential futures.
  • 🌌 Shifting timelines are the connection between different parallel realities, constantly reflecting the frequency you have in that moment.
  • 🌌 Shifting through billions of parallel realities, always shifting, always integrating.

Integrating and accepting all aspects of oneself, including past fears and issues, is crucial for personal growth and overcoming self-judgment and shame in a dualistic world.

  • 00:00 🌟 Integrating and accepting all aspects of yourself is crucial for personal growth and overcoming self-judgment and shame in a dualistic world.
    • Integrating and accepting the aspects of yourself that you struggle with allows for accelerated personal growth and progress.
    • You are always becoming a new being at all times, integrating and allowing different aspects of yourself to be part of you more naturally as the planet moves through frequencies.
    • Integrating the aspects of yourself that you reject or do not like is important for personal growth and self-acceptance.
    • Integration involves recognizing the worth of what you have to offer and allowing yourself to receive and give to others.
    • Your shadow and unresolved aspects of yourself hold you back, and living in a dualistic and polarized world makes it impossible not to discover these issues.
    • Integration and acceptance of all aspects of oneself is key to overcoming self-judgment and shame, as well as the negative definitions imposed by others.
  • 07:58 🌞 Accepting and integrating past fears and issues leads to self-acceptance and the ability to make decisions from a place of free will, letting go of negative beliefs and understanding that actions in a lifetime are meant for growth and expansion.
    • The speaker discusses the process of integrating and resolving fears and issues, leading to acceptance of self and a likeness about the person.
    • Accepting things that are out of our control and understanding and accepting who we are is the basis of the process of Ascension.
    • Forgive yourself for past actions and understand that you are not defined by the actions of your ancestors or past incarnations.
    • Forgiveness and integration of past negative beliefs and events allows for a shift in perspective and the ability to make decisions from a place of free will.
    • Let go of negative beliefs and be fully present in the present moment to release the weight of carrying things that don’t belong to you.
    • Actions taken in a lifetime, including murder, are meant to teach and help individuals grow and expand, and may be set up prior to incarnation.
  • 15:12 🌟 Individuals and the collective are experiencing energetic shifts and conflicts, leading to a reexamination of governance and freedom, as well as opportunities for further integration in the future.
    • Energetic shifts and conflicts are part of the Ascension process, allowing individuals and the collective to decide the reality they want to exist in.
    • Integration of subconscious aspects, decision-making on a mass scale, and reexamination of governance and freedom during the covid period has led to a shift in timelines and opportunities for further integration in the future.
    • People experienced different realities and reactions to events, with multiple energetic placements allowing them to decide how to experience their reality, including deaths that were predesignated.
    • The collective did not completely work through all of the energetic backlog of energy and beliefs during the co period, but still received a high grade for their efforts in working through and uplifting things on a collective level.
    • People shifting to higher frequencies are able to perceive more ships and events, while those who don’t want to shift up don’t see those things.
    • Easter Island structures are not physical, but rather a frequency connection to a higher level, and were shifted out of reality thousands of years ago, serving as a way for beings to travel energetically to different stars.
  • 25:36 🌞 Solar flare reveals areas needing change, forgiveness and compassion are key to integration, lunar cycles affect emotions and energy levels.
    • Forgiveness and compassion are key to integrating aspects of yourself, allowing yourself to be okay with past events and not allowing them to affect you.
    • Upcoming solar flare will reveal areas needing change and growth, causing disturbances as energies are dealt with.
    • Solar flares and lunar cycles affect people’s emotions and energy levels, with the new moon marking the start of a new cycle.
  • 29:46 🌞 Rapid evolution in technology due to solar flares, leading to adjustments in electronic devices, reflecting an energetic upgrade and opportunities for growth and shifting to a higher frequency for humanity.
    • Solar flares will cause rapid evolution in technology over the next two years, leading to the need for adjustments in electronic devices to function properly.
    • The solar flare is reflective of an energetic upgrade, and while there is no preparation required, the quiet and disruptions are opportunities for growth and shifting to a higher frequency.
    • Larger events are natural and synchronistic, affecting both macro and micro levels, with technology changes being a long-term event.
    • Humanity is undergoing an evolution, both personally and culturally, allowing for more natural and acceptable forms of communication and experiences that were previously unimaginable.
  • 34:57 🌞 Evolution should happen naturally to prevent civilization from ceasing to exist, and new technology will create cleaner engines and lead to less pollution.
    • Evolution should happen naturally over time to prevent civilization from ceasing to exist, and activities like flight and travel will continue.
    • Electric cars are a step forward but currently being extracted in a negative way, new technology will replace the negative aspects in the future.
    • New technology will create cleaner engines that are safer and can be fitted to various vehicles, leading to less pollution and an evolution in technology.
  • 39:14 🌌 Shifting timelines and integration of extraterrestrial DNA are key to expanding consciousness and breaking free from limitations.
    • The channel is asking for questions from the chat to be answered.
    • As you shift away from dualistic thinking and into collective consciousness, your technology will reflect this, and shifting timelines are the connection between different parallel realities that reflect your particular frequency in every moment.
    • Shifting timelines allows for increased awareness and cognition, retaining information from different past realities, constantly shifting through billions of parallel realities.
    • The speaker guides and supports the audience in understanding their work for the benefit of future generations.
    • Human genetics are limited, but we also contain extraterrestrial DNA that was encoded into our DNA when we were created, and now we are seeing a more expansive display of these genetics that are allowing us to decide whether or not we want to continue with them.
    • You are not limited in any way, even in the physical body, as limitations are only placed by the definitions you give yourself, and certain situations are pre-selected before incarnation for soul growth.
  • 47:01 🌟 Collective consciousness has chosen to experience a particular theme, and individuals have the opportunity to choose differently and integrate unhealthy habits with kindness and forgiveness.

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