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Ms. Ember - Tarot Reader & Spiritual Councellor | HealingMarket.orgPsychic issues? Empath in trouble? Need clarity on some life issues? Tell it all to Ms. Ember – your pains, worries and troubles.

Ms. Ember will listen to you and guide you gently to a better place where you can relax and be free.

Tell Ms. Ember what is bothering you in life – health, relationships, money matters or psychic issues.

Ms. Ember will listen to you without judging you.

Ms. Ember will offer process, questions and words to help you scale what it is that you are facing.

Ms. Ember is known in her community as someone who assists many empaths, other psychics, Tarot readers and Healers of all kinds. She is genuine, authentic and compassionate.

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Ms. Ember – Psychic & Tarot Reader

Ms. Ember is a gifted reader and psychic. Ms. Ember  uses various methods for her readings: Tarot and Oracle cards, Crystal Ball and pure Psychic renditions.

Ms. Ember is known in her local community as the one who is the “reader of the readers” – helping other empaths, readers and psychics get their answers when needed.

Now you can book a Psychic Consult for yourself or a friend with Ms. Ember.

What Can I Ask About?

You may ask about anything that you wish!

Here are some common requests:

  • Health – old wounds, lingering issues
  • Ancestral & Karmic issues
  • Problematic people in your life
  • Business, money, job situations
  • Love and relationships – moving, staying, breaking up
  • Spiritual connection to Source
  • … anything you need guidance with…

Preparing for Your Psychic Consultation:

  • Situate yourself in a comfortable, quiet spot
  • Check your battery level and connection
  • Take a few deep breaths and rest for 3-5 minutes
  • Set your intentions for the session
  • Write your questions for Ms. Ember
  • Enjoy your call – make it fun!

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Ms. Ember Psychic Tarot Readings:

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Ms. Ember

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