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Ms. Ember - Tarot Reader & Spiritual Councellor | HealingMarket.orgYou Have a Question? Ask The Tarot!

Love • Money • Health • Relationships • Family

Let Ms. Ember reveal through the magic of her special collection of Tarot Card decks what is awaiting for you.

This reading bring clarity, confirmation, validation & inspiration on your life path.

This is a Five Card Reading and it takes about forty five minutes. Here is an example of a Five-Card spread. I may adjust yours to best suit your specific situation and the energy present at the time of the reading:

Five Card Tarot Example:

  1. Here and Now
  2. Hurdles & Obstacles
  3. Your Path
  4. Upcoming Challenges
  5. A Message from The Universe

Before Your Reading:

  • Get pen & paper for notesd
  • Get ready & comfortable
  • Relax and take a few deep breaths
  • Set your intentions, ask for Clarity
  • Enjoy your reading!

I look forward to serving you,

Much Love,
Ms. Ember

Ms. Ember - Psychic & Tarot Reader - Tarot card Session |

Hello, I am Ms. Ember.

I Will Give You a Tarot Card Reading to Answer Your Life Questions Regarding:

  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Health
  • Important Event or Person
  • Life decision you need to make
  • Anything else – Ask…!

The session is LIVE session with me, Ms. Ember, over Zoom:

  • The session takes approx. 45 minutes.
  • To prepare for the session:
  • Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably
  • Make sure your Wifi works
  • Charge your device
  • Have pen and paper ready
  • Relax and enjoy!

How would you feel after:

  • Many people report a feeling of relief
  • Some go through a process
  • Take the next three (3) days to reflect
  • Take notes of how you feel
  • Allow yourself time to integrate what you’ve learned
  • Book another session if you feel called to do so.

Much Love,
Ms. Ember




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