Get Strong! 14-Day Challenge 💪


14-Day Men's Group Challenge - Hosted b Sensei & Jozef

The 14-Day Challenge is a program for Kings who want to unleash their full potential and grow stronger together. In this program, you’ll learn how to set a winning mindset so you can accomplish anything you want!

The 14-Day Challenge is hosted by Sensei & Jozef, Kings of their own domain. The program includes all videos, LIVE Zoom calls, exclusive access to Kings Court, and bonuses!


What’s Included?

✅ 18 videos
3 Bonuses
✅ 33-Page Course Book PDF
Live Q&A Zoom Calls
✅ Free Professional Profile
✅ 👑 King’s CourtOur Private Group
🙌 The Social – Open Forum
✅ Networking, business & friendship opportunities!
✅ Certificate of Completion

Why Join The Challenge?

✅ Improve your life – now!
✅ Attract new friends, money and mates
✅ Explode your financial potential
✅ Get strong in your body
✅ Learn to calm your mind
✅ Become relaxed and confident
✅ Learn how to set and maintain a Winning Mindset
✅ Learn what foods are the best for you
✅ Learn the ONE most important factor for working out

How Much Time Do I need?

✅ The program is fun and you go at your own pace!
✅ All you need is 28 minutes a day:
✅ Watch a 5-8min video
✅ Get strong 12min.
✅ Assignment 8-10min.


Sensei & Jozef

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14-Day Challenge with Sensei & Jozef

The Course Portal is your gateway to all the videos, downloads and bonuses.


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We’ve recorded 18 real videos for you! These videos are gold. You’ll see us discuss, for real, topics from how to configure your mindset, to eating and working out and getting dates!

All this knowledge we’ve collected throughout the years, failing and leaning the hard way, is now available to you – so you can skip ahead of the pack and get running quickly. Let’s go!


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The Social -

👑 King’s Court is our exclusive and private community. Only members of the 14-Dat Challenge can access this group – this is where we meet, network, share our insights and successes!


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🙌 The Daily Planner is a 33-page planner & workbook.

We designed The Daily Planner to get you focused and performing at your best, track your to-do and progress, and get stuff done. Download it and print it out or have your local printer print and bind it for you.

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Annie Bal Crystal Light Temple - Review

Every day, starting the moment you joined, you get a daily email from us.

This daily email contains everything you need for today – JUST CLICK PLAY!

  • Daily Theme
  • Daily Video
  • Daily Task
  • Social Share
  • Daily Workout

You’ll need just about 28 minutes per day!

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“This program has the potential to change your life!”

– Jozef




Sensei & Jozef

We are real life Kings. We are friends, fathers, partners, and we’ve been through the ups and downs of life many times. Now that we have managed to survive the battles of life and come out winning – we pass on our knowledge, experience and wisdom to you. We are here to guide you throughout the program and to support you in every step of the way.

Let’s have some fun and grow together!

Much Love,

Sensei & Jozef


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