2023 Psychic Predictions - Elizabeth April, Tel Swan, Kyle Cease, Jozef and more

The BEST 15 Psychic Predictions For 2023

2023 Predictions: “Red Pill” Vs. “Blue Pill”

Collective Predictions for 2023:

Curious to know what to expect in 2023? We are, too!

We’ve gathered the BEST Psychic predictions for 2023 – right here – and guess what? Some themes do seem to repeat.

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  1. Recognition of Objective Truth – what is right for me? and for my family?
  2. People realize that they need to rely on themselves and organize in groups.
  3. Compassion, Forgiveness and “Togetherness” return.
  4. Potentiality of MASSIVE events such as Solar or Atomic – to cause global shift in thinking/consciousness.
  5. Cracking of “Organized Government” and “Organized Religion” – major reveal as an accelerator.
  6. Transformation of Self and Society – focus on individual and group Liberty and Freedom of Expression.
  7. Acting in Authenticity and Truth, Forgiveness and Compassion to Self and Others.
  8. Disclosure – more people will have individual experiences (but perhaps not on TV – yet)
  9. Multi-Polarization continues – “Red Blue Camp” and “Red Pill Camp” – Dolores Cannon spoke much of this.
  10. BIG Changes – reveals – surprises – plot twists – change of guard – new, young(er) unknown people to come through as leaders.
  11. Technological advancement causing many changes
  12. People are “leaving” in droves. This is a result of repression of Truth, negativity and anger.

More Amazing Psychic and Astrological Predictions for 2023….

Here are more of our favourite Psychic Prediction videos for 2023 – you’ll notice that some themes repeat. Why? Because the intuitive psychics are tapping into similar vibes and timelines. What are your thoughts? Share in the comments!

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