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Olinda Silvano - Shipibu Tribe Peru Shaman - healingmarket.orgNeed a little help from spirit?

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Feeling stuck? Same thoughts come back? Can’t let go? Pain or discomfort won’t leave?

Let Olinda sing and bless you, in her ancient Peruvian-Amazonian tradition and feel better, connect to your truest higher self, remove blockages and cut cords to feel lighter, better, healthier and happier!

This is a rare opportunity to receive such a blessing from Olinda!

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Would you like to receive a shamanic blessing from Olinda?

You may experience:

  • Relief of physical and emotional pain
  • Start laughing and take it easy
  • Lightness
  • Better digestion, strength and good sleep

Olinda is an Elder Shaman and Peruvian native. Olinda is know all over the world for her work  supporting indigenous life through art and plant medicine ceremonies.


Olinda Silvano Inuma grew up in the Native Community of Paohyan on the banks of the Ucayali River. She belongs to the Shipibo-Konibo people, one of the most numerous indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon. She was born at seven months, frail and small. Her grandfather then breathed medicinal plants into her body to strengthen her and placed an invisible crown of kene designs on her head, to endow her with the gift of vision. The plants and medicinal visions not only fortified her health but her will. This visionary ability has accompanied her throughout her life and guided her defence of the Amazon with the power of the luminous designs she received from her ancestors.  As a child she lived in intimate familiarity with forest and rivers and learned how to paint and embroider beautiful fabrics covered with kene designs; but she could not complete her schooling because her parents had no money. So, at the age of 15, she travelled to the city of Pucallpa to look for work. With the first payment she earned, she bought a yellow shirt she had promised to take to her father as proof of her determination to succeed in the city.  She soon formed her own family and migrated to Lima, the capital, looking for better education conditions for her children. Read More.

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Blessings to All



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