Remote Healing by Annie 🙌

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Ms. Annie Bal - Healer, Oracle ReaderLet Me Take Your Pain Away.

Emotional • Mental • Physical • Spiritual

Are you in pain? Are you suffering? Are you stressed out? Anxiety attack? Health not the best?



I will give you a Remote Healing Session to help you:

  • Relieve your pain
  • Restore your belief in yourself
  • Release what holds you back
  • Open and allow for new paths and new opportunities
  • Help in moving on vs. dwelling on the past

The session is gentle and comfortable. All you need to do is sit (or lie down) comfortably and listen to my voice. Video is not required for this session.

In this Healing Session, I will call on the Angels, Master Jesus and Spirit to come in and purify our space and help us open up to good health, wealth and fortune.

People report that after the session, they feel relief, lightened, laughing, feeling more free and happy. Give it a try – you deserve it.

Much Love, Annie 💕

You deserve to live a good, happy life.
But sometimes, a little help to clear up the rot and open up to the Sun is needed.
Those turning point moments are the moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life.
Like the time you made your breakthrough to love and freedom.
And now you are here.

I love you!



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