Personalized Video Blessing by Rabbi David Atar


Do you need a little support in life? Receive a VIDEO Blessing by Rabbi David Atar – for yourself or a loved one.

The cost is $18 – to keep it accessible for all who are in need.

What do you need assistance with?

  • Health (בריאות)
  • Find a Life Partner (זיווג)
  • Monetary Blessing (פרנסה)
  • Success (הצלחה)
  • Blessing for Family (משפחה)
  • … and anything else you may require heavenly assistance with!

Rabbi David Atar with his sonVideo Blessing by Rabbi David Atar:

Rabbi Atar will record a unique, personalized & customized VIDEO BLESSING for you or anyone you would like to receive the Blessing.

ANY person can receive a Blessing – any race, any religion, any affiliation!

The Blessing is recorded on video and is about a minute or two long.

The Video Blessing will be posted and you will receive a link.

You may share the video with anyone you like!

Additional Options

Rabbi Atar offers the following additional services:

Psalm Chapter Reading (תְּהִלִּים)

Reading Psalm Chapters is known within the Jewish community to bring Blessings to you or the person you dedicate the Reading to.

For Health matters, Rabbi Atar will reads the chapter corresponding to your Age+1.

For example, if you are 50 years old, Rabbi Atar will read Chapter 51.

You will receive a video of Rabbi Atar reading the chapter.

Kiddush Dedication & Blessing  (ברכה והקדשה בשעת קידוש)

Rabbi Atar holds weekly Shabbat ceremonies, complete with Kiddush, Prayer and a full Shabbat dinner. When you select this option, Rabbi Atar will dedicate the Shabbat dinner in your name (or the name of your choosing) and add a secondary blessing.

This optional service is in addition to the Video Blessing.

Blessing & Dedication During Shabbat Prayer (ברכה בשעת קריאת התורה בשבת)

Rabbi Atar holds weekly Shabbat prayer in his synagogue in San Juan Del Sur. It is an age-old custom that during the Torah Reading, Blessings are sent to those in need, from the podium. Those Blessings are customarily assisted by a donation to the community. Selecting this option, Rabbi Atar will say a Blessing from the podium during Shabbat Service in the name of the person indicated.

Shiur Dedication (הקדשה לשיעור)

“Shiur” means a Lesson. The Rabbi is always learning – these days either over Zoom or in-person, with other community members. if you wold like to dedicate a Shiur (Lesson) in the name mentioned above, select this option, and Rabbi Atar shall dedicate it in the name! This option is popular with students of Torah.

Plaque In Name Installed (לוחית הקדשה)

If you’d like to permanently commemorate the name of the beneficiary, select this option. A small ($180) or large ($360) plaque will be engraved and installed at the Rabbi’s Synagogue.

Traditionally, Jewish people raised funds for building Temples and Communal spaces by donating a plaque or a “brick”, and have the names engraved. Later, these plaques serve as historic account of the people who supported the communities.

You will receive a video of the Plaque together with a thank-you message from the Rabbi. You can see examples of traditional plaques here.

Languages Used

Rabbi Atar gives all prayers and blessing in Sacred Hebrew. Openers and Closers may be in English, Hebrew or Spanish.

Thank you for your support!

I wish you the best of health, wealth and joy in your life journey!

R’ David Atar,
San Juan Del Sur,

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