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Welcome, Practitioners!

The is a community & marketplace of healers, intuitives, psychics, coaches and teachers.
If you have yet to visit our Start Here page, please do it now.

Here’s How it Works:

The is a platform designed to help you serve more clients and worry less about the day to day of operating a business.

When you join us, you become a part of our Tribe of Healers. You then upload your offerings to our site, and we will promote them to our entire community – at no cost to you, so you can get up and working quickly, for free.

In short, we get you the clients through our platform.

Even better – you do not need to write a blog, post to social media, pay for SEO agency or buy any ads.

We do all that, at no cost to you – so you can focus on your craft. Here, let me realize it for you by giving a few examples:

You’ve Seen it Before.

Think about Uber, DoorDash and AirBnB:
Does Uber charge their drivers? No.
Does DoorDash? No.
Does AirBnB Charge the hosts? No.
We do not charge our service providers, either.

OK – you get the picture?

Here’s The Process:

Our platform supports sessions, courses, downloads, livestreams, blogs, private groups, audio and video:

  • You get your own personal store on our platform.
  • You set up your store (we’ll help you with that)
  • You upload your offerings (sessions, courses, group coaching, etc)
  • We promote your offerings
  • You get paid after the work is done
  • You’re always in full control via the Vendor Dashboard
  • You can set “Vacation Mode” or permanently leave at anytime.

Sounds Too Good… What’s The Catch?

We all know that things that look too good carry a “Catch”… What is it?

It’s simple: The is looking for gifted healers and teachers of various modalities. In order for us to serve the community the best we can, we need to ensure that the practitioners on our roster are not just fantastic healers, but also provide caring and attentive service to our customers and are kind, polite, timely and focused on service.

Requirements for Practitioners:

The works best when there is a variety of available Offerings from various practitioners. That is why we ask our practitioners (you) to be available for a minimum of five hours per week available for work. We expect your hours to fill gradually, as it may take some time for us to build up your clientele and to fill your available hours with us.

You can set your “hours of operation” if you’re giving live sessions, for example. The system will present the booking available only in the time slots you have made available.

We also need some basic content for your store:

  • “About Me” text – who are you, services you provide, what’s unique about you, etc.
  • A short welcome video from you to the community – this is me and there are my offerings
  • Offerings – Title, Short and Long descriptions for each of your offerings
  • Anything else you’d like to share
  • You may submit videos and articles to our Blog. This will get you more attention and you’ll get more work.

Freedom to Work On Your Terms

Your success is our success! Hence, we don’t limit our practitioners from working outside of our marketplace. You may always provide your services outside of The, with no restrictions.

To make it easier, we have a scheduling system installed so if you offer scheduled sessions, such as live calls, our technology will create the bookings and inform both you and the client of the details. This will help you manage your time and avoid double bookings and last minute cancellations.

How Do I Get Booked?

When a customer makes a purchase of one of your services, you get an email and if possible, a text message in addition to the email with the details of the service ordered. You then go ahead and provide the service requested. That’s it. Stay focused on the service.

I Want In!! How Do I Join the

If you believe that we’re a good fit, Apply here.

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